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A fifth-grade boy suffered aggravated sexual abuse last Wednesday in the bathroom of the Malvinas Argentinas party school he attends. The attackers were his own classmates, who had been bullying him for years, according to what his mother denounced.

“On Sunday I talked to my boy and he told me that a boy brought a ‘game’ to school, which is to propose that the five of them go to the bathroom and have like… an abuse, I say it that way because you can’t say these words , but there was abuse among the five of them,” the victim’s mother told the channel C5N.

The woman specified that “a boy proposed, the other boys accepted”, and that it occurred between 10-year-old boys, members of one of the fifth grades of Primary School No. 10 of Malvinas Argentinas. A student from another course would also have participated.

The attackers’ excuse was that the experience would make them “friends forever,” the woman said.

“My boy accepts because at school they screwed him up, honestly. I told the teacher, I told the principal and they didn’t do anything. The teacher called the other mother and informed her and well, my boy had to stay silent because they hit him worse”, he recounted about the bullying suffered before reaching this crucial point.

The bullying occurred “from first grade to third grade, then the pandemic came,” explained the victim’s mother. With the return to face-to-face classes, in 2021, the ordeal of being in a classroom with a group of aggressors and without any protection from adults also returned. “I don’t let him hit, if someone hits him, he has to tell the teacher, an adult,” explained the woman about the education she gives her son, who was admitted to a hospital as a result of the episode.

The aggressors “propose this game to him because they were going to be ‘friends forever,'” explained the mother, who assured that the sequence between the boys could be described as aggravated sexual abuse. The school directors “found out on Wednesday of last week,” said the woman, which implies that the abused boy had to live in the classroom with the aggressors for two more days until he told his mother what happened and she decided to stop sending him to class.

On Monday, the woman appeared at the establishment in Malvinas Argentinas and met with a director, who confirmed that they had been trying for days to find psychologists who could take charge of the situation. Meanwhile, the boys involved in the sexual abuse were interviewed and “some say one thing, others say another, but they all say almost the same thing,” said the victim’s mother.

Given the situation, parents of students of the establishment demonstrated this Thursday at the door of the place to ask that measures be taken in this regard and there were incidents with the police.



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They denounced sexual abuse of a fifth grade boy in a school in Malvinas Argentinas | what’s up website