They denounce sexual abuse and bullying at Liceo Broussain. School asks the justice to investigate – Radio Las Nieves

On Wednesday, students held a “dropped pencil” walkout. They claim a series of situations, among them, that acts of abuse are being covered up.

Puerto Aysén.- A very serious complaint is the one that has gone viral on social networks in recent hours and talks about alleged acts of bullying, assaults and sexual abuse inside the Raúl Broussain Campino high school in Puerto Aysén, which are already in investigation process by the Public Ministry and the specialized police.
A student from the same school would be the protagonist of what was described above, where the victim in the most recent events would be a minor under 12 years of age and it is her father with initials CA who referred to this delicate situation, which had been taking place since March. of the present year.
“Since the beginning of March we have been making complaints about issues of sexual abuse and harassment by minors and bullying, where the establishment has always told me wait, that we are going to take the protocol, we are going to fix the things that do not leak. more of this, that we are going to take the necessary measures. But, yesterday we had a very serious episode at school, which, nobody reported, only the girl who was consoling my daughter, called me, at that time I was working, and they were calling to tell me that they had sexually abused her ”.
The father of the girl who would be a victim in this serious situation, added that his daughter would also have been “beaten and it would be a more or less large group that did that and the school has not done anything, so far, I have not received any Call asking, how is it really? Right now this was taken by the prosecution, we are waiting for them to take my daughter’s statement, they already took ours.
There is also something worrying for the parents of the girl who would have been abused inside the Raúl Broussain Campino high school, is that, “the sad thing about this is that the high school is saying that we are liars, that this never happened, that it never there was a complaint, like there was never anything. That is why we want to make this public, because in the end we are looking bad, my daughter continues to be humiliated, even through social networks and that is what we want to see, some solution.
CA insists that, from the high school, they have not provided containment, support for his daughter, since, in the last episode that would have ended with a direct act of sexual abuse, this father affirms that he came to the establishment and picked up her daughter who was lying on the floor, after the horrible event that would have happened to her.
“Absolutely nothing from the high school, they just told us that they were going to take a measure so that this does not continue to happen, which never happened, because they were not even able to give my daughter a restraint, as I had to pick her up from the entrance of the school, because she was emaciated and nobody did anything. Most of the people were there, they were at recess, there was a girl crying at the entrance and what protocols were followed by the school? They didn’t even call an ambulance, nothing”.
That day, the father of the alleged victim asked the school for explanations “at that moment when I arrived, the only thing I did was comfort my daughter and I wanted to know who was responsible. I asked to speak with the director, who processed me a bit, as if he did not want to touch the subject, he told me to wait a bit because he had to inform himself about the subject, as if it were new to him. He told me I need you to tell me so that I can be aware of the situation, knowing that the previous times we had talked directly with him and he already knew about the case, including the names of the people who had attacked my daughter.
After the serious events of which the 12-year-old minor would have been a victim, her father decides to take her to the local hospital in Puerto Aysén, where they treated her and from the same care facility they issue a document to the Investigative Police, which would account for the sexual abuse suffered by the student. “Personally I took her in the vehicle to verify injuries, at that moment I called the PDI to see if I could do something particular and they told me that the hospital would take care of making the complaint and follow the corresponding protocol. In the hospital, a document was processed that went directly to the PDI, they did the corresponding interviews and we only hope that justice is done in this case.”
This and other situations that would have occurred inside the establishment, led to a large part of the students carrying out a “fallen pencils” stoppage this Wednesday, as a sign of annoyance at the way in which this and other cases have been addressed from the high school. , heating problems in some rooms, among other issues, that the student center and the high school management team would have addressed in a meeting.


From the establishment, it was the director of the Raúl Broussain Campino high school, Eduardo Obando Cárdenas, who read a statement referring to this issue, clarifying first that the information on other cases prior to the one disclosed in this note would be false. .
In addition, the public statement of the high school indicates that, “in the event of any situation that occurs, inside or outside the establishment, that could constitute a crime or some type of violation, the complaint will be made within a maximum period of 24 hours from when he or the official becomes aware”.
The statement adds that “the internal protocols of the establishment have been strictly complied with when addressing each of the situations raised by the attorney and, in addition, we remain in the process of collecting information in order to make the most pertinent determination.”
In addition, it is indicated that, “the establishment, headed by its director and by the person in charge of the coexistence unit, leaves an immediate record of the events that occurred to the Municipal Education Directorate, in which legal orientation and advice actions are taken, through the person in charge of communal school coexistence and the legal adviser of DEM Aysén”.
Regarding the complaint that has gone viral and has been made public against the school, through the statement, they also emphasize that, “our main job is the protection of our children and adolescents, acting immediately through the pertinent and necessary measures, always with the greatest efficiency that our environment allows us, in pursuit of our students”.
The statement signed by the director of the Raúl Broussain Campino high school, Eduardo Obando, concludes by noting that they will wait for what the justice system resolves in this case, “once the facts have been clarified by the justice system, we will file the corresponding legal actions with the aim of restoring the tarnished path”.

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They denounce sexual abuse and bullying at Liceo Broussain. School asks the justice to investigate – Radio Las Nieves