They denounce lack of action by the University of San José in the face of complaints of sexual abuse

Students from the State University of San José denounced on Wednesday that the university has not taken the corresponding actions in response to the complaints of harassment and sexual assault that have been made on campus.

Currently the university has a program called Title IX, which is an office that is in charge of investigating cases of sexual misconduct, however, when it came to light that 13 athletes had been sexually assaulted by the former sports doctor, Scott Shaw, the Department of Justice asked the university to complete the staff of said office since there was only one person when there should have been 6.

But the problem seems to continue to exist according to the students.

“Right now there are not enough people in the office, there are only 2 people and it is an office of 6 people,” said Jocelyn Esteban, spokeswoman for the group students against sexual assault.

Stephen Pérez, interim president of the university, said that filling these vacancies has been a difficult task, for the moment they have hired three people, of which, two work on campus and one outside as a contractor.

Additionally, the students assured that the diffusion events have not been carried out to inform the students about where and how to report cases of abuse.

“It’s my first semester here at this school and I was a little scared to learn about the students who went through this, I think they need to do a better job of giving the necessary information to the students,” said Eleen Miguel, a student.

Regarding the student body’s request to remove employees who allegedly covered up the coach, the university president said that there is an ongoing investigation by the CSU system into the conduct of the university so they are awaiting the results.

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They denounce lack of action by the University of San José in the face of complaints of sexual abuse