They capture an Argentine for sexual exploitation of a teenager in Chile: he was a fugitive in his country

The subject would have prostituted a minor, induced her to leave her home and incorporated into drug trafficking. He is also being investigated for producing child pornography. He was arrested along with two other individuals and will be formalized this Sunday. He had a red notice from Interpol for crimes in Argentina.

In Punta Arenas, an Argentine citizen was found who was a fugitive from justice in his country. The Investigative Police (PDI) arrested him for sexually exploiting a teenager and integrating her into drug trafficking.

The subject was the main focus of the “Operation Pampas”a complex investigation that involves the crimes of inducement of a minor, rape, child prostitution, storage and production of child pornography, drug trafficking and illicit domestic violence.

The defendant was arrested along with two other subjects who would have supported him in the sale of substances. The trio’s detention has been extended to tomorrow.

the inquiries

The investigation began in January 2022. The Punta Arenas Family Court reported to the Prosecutor’s Office that a 17-year-old girl had a relationship with a 50-year-old man, which constitutes a crime of rape.

The Investigative Brigade of Sexual Offenses (Brisex) of the POI was in charge of the case. According to the testimonies collected by the detectives, the defendant prostituted the minor and integrated her into the sale of drugs. In addition, he would have induced her to leave the home that she shared with her grandmother.

Detectives seized the defendant’s cell phone. From the georeferenced locations, they discovered that he lived in a plot of land in Llau Llau, in the northern sector of Punta Arenas, where he would have kept the girl hidden.

With the attention paid to the home, the officials found the name of the other two defendants in the case. According to the records of the Public Ministry, both would be involved in the sale of drugs with the Argentine citizen and were aware of the rape relationship.

The case has an edge for crimes of domestic violence. The prosecution collected a series of complaints filed by the ex-partners of the defendantwho actively participated in the research.


The defendants were arrested on Wednesday afternoon almost simultaneously. during the procedure 340 grams of cocaine, marijuana, computers, cell phones, cameras and even erotic lingerie and sex toys were seized.

According to the head of the Brisex, sub-prefect Elvira Aranda, “we found electronic devices where it could be established that it is stored child pornographic material.

The defendant who initiated the investigation – whose identity is reserved by court order – He has a record for drug trafficking in Argentina. In addition, he has an Interpol Red Notice for serious injuries and grooming..

According to Sub-Prefect Aranda, the international alert “means that once found, their location must be reported through Interpol so that the Argentine justice system can request extradition.”

The detention of the trio was extended until noon on Sunday, since the Prosecutor’s Office requires more steps to formalize the investigation. A video-recorded interview, extracting information from the computers, and collecting medical and toxicological records are still pending.

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They capture an Argentine for sexual exploitation of a teenager in Chile: he was a fugitive in his country