THEY ASKED FOR ‘PACK’ NOT TO FAIL THEM: Cecyte Tulum students denounce sexual harassment by teachers – Noticaribe

TULUM, MX.- Through social networks, a student from the College of Scientific and Technological Studies (Cecyte) of this municipality published a series of images of conversations on WhatsApp, in which teachers from this campus harass female students and ask for intimate photographs, so as not to fail them.

The user reported that a classmate had already been suspended by the school for making this known and was summoned to the directors, who threatened to expel her.

In a conversation, a teacher said that the image that the young woman had in profile had caught his attention, and later commented that it was “not bad at all”. Others show how personal apparently intimate images are shared.

Apparently, administration staff covered up these practices and even tried to bribe three female students to keep quiet.

Presumably two teachers would have already been separated from their positions, when these conversations and images began to spread, but until now the campus has remained silent, only indicating that they would later issue a statement.

Interviewed in this regard, Cynthia, belonging to the Tulum Feminist Collective, declared that they will demand that the situation be clarified and that action be taken, both for the apparent harassment of the students, and for the concealment by the school.

“It is not surprising that these things happen in Tulum, that they are threatened and even condition that they can continue studying and receive their degree,” the activist claimed. “The students were very brave in denouncing, because it is not easy to expose oneself.”

He recalled that in Playa del Carmen students also reported cases of harassment on their campus, without the director having taken action, since apparently she was overlapping these teachers, who had not even been separated from their duties, for the safety of the minors. (SIM Agency)

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THEY ASKED FOR ‘PACK’ NOT TO FAIL THEM: Cecyte Tulum students denounce sexual harassment by teachers – Noticaribe