They ask for the dismissal of the prosecutor for ecclesiastical sexual abuse

Friday, May 6, 2022


The lawyers who represent a young man who denounced that when he was a child he was sexually abused by a priest, will ask for the dismissal of the Recreo prosecutor, Jorgelina Sobh, who, upon receiving the complaint, issued the prescription of the case.

The lawyer Sebastián Ibáñez, who together with Ariel Sosa represents the complainant’s complaint, told El Esquiú.com that “the serious thing is that it violates a current jurisprudential precedent, which is mandatory until the Court does not issue another way,” he said. , adducing the case of the priest Moisés Pachado, whose defense also tried to prescribe the cause, this being rejected in different judicial instances.

“In this case, the defense did not ask for the statute of limitations, but the prosecutor herself,” said Ibáñez, adding that this morning at 10:00 they will hold a press conference with the survivor of sexual abuse to provide details about the cause and its steps. to follow. “We consider that the prosecutor incurred in inexcusable ignorance of the Law or poor performance. In any of the cases, she is cause for a jury trial, ”he pointed out.

It is worth mentioning that the young man denounced that when he was 12 years old, between 2002 and 2003, the priest (whose identity El Esquiú.com does not provide because there is no formalized case against him) asked his mother for permission to accompany him to Recreation City.

During that trip, the religious would have given him alcohol to drink before sleeping in the same room, in separate beds. The boy would have felt “dotted” when the lights went out, but soon he would have felt that the priest went over to his bed, where he would have begun to touch him and then penetrate him.

The situation would have been repeated several times, on trips to Chumbicha and Aconquija, but the survivor decided to keep quiet because his mother was in poor health.


From the Bishopric of Catamarca, in turn, a statement was issued detailing: “The alleged victim appeared at the Bishopric of Catamarca to present the complaint at the canonical headquarters. (…) Immediately upon receipt of the complaint, the Bishopric began the preliminary investigation process provided for by the Holy See, (…) provided its collaboration to the judicial authorities when required and is available to collaborate in whatever was requested. ask. The denounced priest (…) presented his resignation to the offices that were assigned to him opportunely, which was immediately accepted by the Diocesan Bishop and, therefore, he currently does not exercise any ecclesiastical office”.

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They ask for the dismissal of the prosecutor for ecclesiastical sexual abuse