They ask for justice! Man stabbed Melissa for resisting sexual abuse

the young Melissa Zamudio is hospitalized in a clinic in Lerdo de Tejada, after being attacked with a knife for opposing rape.

The events were recorded on April 29 in a business located on Juan de la Luz Enríquez Boulevard and Revolution Street, in the center of the sugarcane municipality, where the victim was working.

“She tells us that the person came to the store like any other customer and told her that if she could please show him some products that she sells, she kindly offered to help him like any other person, and she was going to show him a speaker, When she was attending, the man took the opportunity to grab her from behind and start telling her that if she took off her clothes, she obviously refused and that’s when she started to hurt her,” explained Guadalupe, the victim’s niece.

The aggressor left her bleeding in the establishment, where she was found by another person who arrived at the premises and helped her by calling the emergency numbers.

Melissa He identified his aggressor who arrived as another client, however, he did not know him.

“Before she was transferred, she was shown the person’s photo and she identified it, and said that it was the person who had attacked her.”

The complaint had not yet been filed, which is why the local authorities in Lerdo de Tejada refused to act, the family reproached.

“They said they couldn’t do anything, they didn’t want to help because there was no demand as such from the San Andrés Tuxtla Prosecutor’s Office; that they couldn’t help at all,” said Guadalupe.

Because of this attack, family members, friends and residents of Lerdo marched through the streets of the city center to demand justice for Melissa.

The young woman remains hospitalized, however, she does not have social security, so they have also requested support for her medical care.

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They ask for justice! Man stabbed Melissa for resisting sexual abuse