They arrest a man for sexual abuse in Cuauhtémoc

The Attorney General of Mexico City (CDMX), arrested in the Atlampa neighborhood, from the mayor’s office Cuauhtemocyet men for the alleged crime of sexual abuse aggravated, occurred in 2021.

The institution indicated that thanks to the work of the Investigative Police of the Prosecutor’s Office for the Investigation of Sexual Crimes, of the General Coordination for the Investigation of Gender Crimes and Attention to Victims, they found the subject in Cuauhtemoc..

Once they confirmed his identity, the authorities notified him of the court order and, after reading him his rights, transferred him to the judge who required him in the Oriente Prison.

Arrested man allegedly tried to get the victim into his apartment

According to the investigations, on March 4, 2021, Adrián ‘N’, 33, held the victim by the arm while she was coming down the stairs, to try to take her to her apartment.

In the struggle, the now detained person touched the woman of a sexual nature.

After denouncing the facts, the agent of the Public Ministry of the Prosecutor’s Office for the Investigation of Sexual Crimes began the investigations against Adrián “N”, ending in his arrest in Cuauhtemoc.

Finally, the capital prosecutor’s office reiterated its commitment to combating impunity, for which they detailed that they will continue to provide free legal guidance.

19 people are linked to the process for sexual abuse in 15 days

This May 5, the head of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (CDMX), Ernestina Godoy Ramos, reported that from April 16 to 29 of this year, they linked to the process a

72 aggressors of women
after completing 33 arrest warrants in CDMX, as in the case of the man detained in the Cuauhtemoc.

Of that number, the capital prosecutor detailed that 43 were charged with family violence; 19 for sexual abuse; 5 for rape; two against privacy, one for harassment and 2 for femicide.

Likewise, of the total number of cases, he pointed out that 39

happened in flagrante delicto.

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They arrest a man for sexual abuse in Cuauhtémoc