They admit that the baby who died in Brazil had no injuries | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones.

Friday, May 06, 2022 | 1:36 a.m.

What they spread from Brazil as the worst of crimes, the accusation of a father of raping and causing the death of his own daughter of only four months, ended up being denied yesterday through a statement released by the Civil Police of the neighboring country. which reported that the creature died of natural causes.

Despite this, at the close of this edition the father – a 19-year-old boy – was still detained in the town of Dionísio Cequeira.

In dialogue with El Territorio, the Obereño lawyer Silvio Contreras, the family’s legal adviser, described the situation suffered by the parents of the deceased baby as a “nightmare”, while anticipating that they are analyzing a civil lawsuit for the damages caused.

“We are very surprised by the distance between the evidence they had and the accusation they made. The truth is that we do not understand how such confusion occurred. This cause seems like a scandal to us, ”she stressed.

As has been reported, last Saturday the parents and the maternal grandmother moved with the baby from Pozo Azul, Misiones, to a pharmacy in Dionisío Cequeira, Brazil, to buy medicines for the serious respiratory condition that the little girl presented.

Then, given the obvious deterioration, they went to the Dionísio Cequeira hospital, where, according to Contreras, the professionals reported that the little girl died of severe pneumonia or meningitis. But at one point a nurse referred to the alleged abuse, which led to the call to the police.

“According to the mother, the baby was a nightmare of accusations. First her police told her that her husband confessed to her and then that he accused her. Therefore, under tremendous pressure, she accused him in order to return to the country. But once in Argentina she told the whole truth about what had happened, “said the lawyer.

questioned actuate

Contreras put into context the situation that the parent went through, a minor of only 15 years who was abroad and was pressured by police officers who accused her of the worst crime.

Regarding the original accusation, he specified that the autopsy ruled out sexual abuse and confirmed that the death occurred by natural death.

“Many surprising things. On the one hand, such an erroneous diagnosis, because we went from pneumonia to abuse, when the initial symptoms are very different. But after the first diagnosis, which could be wrong or not, the behavior of the authorities is even more surprising. It’s amazing what they did. Clearly an illegal coercion by the Brazilian Police towards these people, “said the lawyer.

The Civil Police of the neighboring country also questioned the dissemination of the event by the authorities, from where they provided aberrant details that do not agree with what was later determined by the autopsy.

In this sense, Contreras stated that “beyond the fact of having communicated that information, it is the way in which they referred to the parents, as animals without feeling. They came to define them as two monsters who laughed when they were informed that the baby had died. I am very surprised and we are going to investigate if there was no major crime by the authorities.”

Meanwhile, he specified that a Brazilian colleague assumed the defense of the father of the deceased baby, while estimating that only next week the parent could be released, given a series of skills requested in the neighboring country.

It is worth mentioning that before crossing to Brazil, the family had gone to the Caps de Pozo Azul and the Samic hospital in Eldorado in search of medical assistance for the little girl.

“There was no physical violence”

Yesterday the Civil Police released a press report regarding the case of the deceased baby in Dionísio Cerqueira. The document cites that the autopsy ruled out violent death.

It is indicated that last Saturday the Civil Police was requested from the guard of the Dionísio Cerqueira Hospital, reporting a case of death of a baby of Argentine nationality of only four months.

At that time, it was reported that the child’s parents had first gone to a local pharmacy, where it was determined that the little girl was in serious health, so they were immediately instructed to seek medical and hospital care.

Already in the assistance center, despite the efforts of the guard team, the baby died.

“After the death, the health professionals found some indications that could indicate the occurrence of a possible sexual abuse, thanks to the activation of the Civil and Military Police. In this way, the baby’s parents and grandmother were sent to the police station, where the delegate on duty, after listening to relatives and police officers and analyzing other evidence, understood that there was evidence of criminal practice, and the father had been charged in flagrante delicto. of the baby”, cites the official report.

And it adds that later “the forensic doctor, in the expert report, concluded that there was no physical violence, given the absence of injuries of legal medical interest, although, due to the nature of the examination, the possibility of the practice of some other lewd act whose proof will only be possible by other means of proof and laboratory tests”.

The expert examination confirmed the existence of skin lesions compatible with diaper rash.

“Therefore, for the complete clarification of the facts and the discovery of the baby’s cause of death, other tests were requested, which have not yet been concluded,” he adds.

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They admit that the baby who died in Brazil had no injuries | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones.