They accuse a mother of family violence for denouncing that the father of her daughters sexually abused them

Monica Peyrowho since April 2020 denounced the father of her daughters for sexual abuse and rape against the girls, has not been able to reach justice and now faces an accusation against her and the risk of being prosecuted.

The complaint against the woman, her brother and her father is for family violence and was filed by the father of the minors.

“The crime that we are charged with is that we went out to the media and made publications on social networks denouncing sexual abuse and rape and asking for justice for my daughters and that caused him (the father) psychological damage,” explained Mónica Peyra, in Interview with Political Animal.

Due to this complaint from her ex-husband, on Tuesday, April 26, she will have to appear at a court hearing at 9 in the morning.

On Monday, April 11, a summons was delivered to her parents’ house asking her, her father and her brother to attend the hearing at Cereso.

“We were not notified of this before, to learn about the folder and do the corresponding thing, but until it is already prosecuted, to give us an appointment as defendants,” Peyro denounced.

The complaint filed by the father of her daughters against her and her relatives was transferred to an area called specific nature, where family violence is dealt with but when there is already an assault with a weapon, which, she says, has not happened .

Mónica Peyro maintains that this is retaliation for having made public the case of sexual assault against the girls and for pointing out, even before deputies in the local congress of Durango, where they live, that the authorities have acted to favor the alleged aggressor for being a prominent businessman of the state, and by the political ties of his father.

“Even having the opinion of a forensic doctor who reviewed my youngest daughter and determined that the girl had suffered anal penetration, the judge decided to dismiss the case and not exercise criminal action, because according to him the doctor had made a mistake and the acts of annoyance that the girls referred to their father were acts of love”, said Peyro.

The victim assured that she denounced the case in the media and social networks because she felt that the way in which justice favors the aggressor should be known.

“While they reserved access to the investigation folder for me for months, they gave him access, I myself witnessed that once we met at the Justice Center,” I assure you.

What Monica Peyro fear is going to jail because she does not trust the authorities for all that she considers have been actions to favor whom she points out as the aggressor of his daughters.

“It is missing that me and my father; and my brother end up in jail, when we are the main support for the girls, and what is going to happen? Are they going to leave them to their aggressor? Are they going to institutionalize them?

Political Animal requested an interview or position from the Durango State Attorney General’s Office; however, through his communication office, he replied that he cannot give details of the case because it is an issue in which two minors are affected, who must be protected.

They reported that the files are still in process because although there was an initial decision by a judge, Mónica Peyro challenged and, therefore, the process continues. “Work continues on the investigation files, it is an open process, so information cannot be given,” they said.

Regarding the complaint and the appointment for the hearing with Peyro, the communication office stressed that any person, even if he is denounced, as long as a judge does not issue a conviction, can also be the victim of a crime, and in this case the accused also He filed a complaint and it will be the judge who has the ruling in that situation.

History of alleged abuse

In October 2019, Mónica Peyro asked her then-husband for a divorce. On November 29, 2019, still living in the same house, he picked up the girls from school and did not return them to the family home. That same day, the father of the minors filed a lawsuit for divorce and for custody and parental authority, “alleging that I am not in good mental standing, that I am always doped because of it, and that I have not been taking care of my daughters. In six business hours they give him custody, while the girls were abducted and out of state, “said the mother.

Peyro filed a complaint for child abduction and went to the prosecutor’s office to have a psychological and toxicological examination done, in which she was suitable for the role of mother, although with signs of depression and anxiety, but due to the disappearance of the minors. Monica also managed to verify with photos and videos that she has always lived with her daughters and has taken care of them.

Finally, the father of the minors was linked to the process because he pleaded guilty and requested the suspension, the judge granted it and Peyro asked the judge to return his daughters, to which he replied that he could not do it because a family judge had already awarded custody to the father.

Monica went to a criminal judge to claim custody and it was granted, so together with the authorities, Peyro went to the paternal grandparents’ house where the girls were supposed to be, but they found no one.

The next day, Peyro maintains, the girls’ father’s lawyers looked for hers and told them that Mónica could see her daughters again if she signed an agreement.

“They negotiated with my daughters because in that agreement I had to give up the family home, deliver the car, give up child support, he only promised to pay for their studies, extracurricular activities and medical expenses; I had to accept shared custody, with four days with him and four days with me and the vacation periods evenly distributed”.

It was in this period that Peyro began to notice changes in the behavior of her daughters, which made her suspect a probable sexual abuse. On April 17, 2020, she filed a complaint for this crime against whoever is responsible for her.

However, until a forensic doctor certified that the youngest of the girls had signs of anal penetration, she filed the complaint for rape, on August 11, 2020, against the father of her daughters because one of them pointed it out directly.

It was that complaint in which a judge ruled that the forensic doctor was wrong and that what the girls were referring to were nothing more than “acts of love from their father” and dismissed the case and did not exercise criminal action.

A surprise resignation

In mid-March 2022, the governor of Durango, José Rosas Aispuro Torres, announced that he accepted the resignation of the position presented by the until then attorney general of the state, Ruth Medina, after complaints of cases of impunity in violence were made public. sex against women.

Due to these complaints, the state congress summoned the prosecutor to appear, but instead of appearing, she presented her resignation that day. Those who did appear before the legislators were victims and relatives of victims of sexual violence, among them Mónica Peyro, who presented the case of her daughters.

“That same day I told the legislators that I expected retaliation for all the public complaints that I was making and for speaking before Congress, but I did not expect that it would come in the form of a criminal complaint for family violence against me, of my father and my brother, and the truth is that given the actions that the authorities have had, I am afraid of ending up in jail”, says Peyro.

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They accuse a mother of family violence for denouncing that the father of her daughters sexually abused them