They accuse a former Argentine governor of alleged sexual abuse against a niece

BUENOS AIRES – The Argentine justice prosecuted the former governor of the northern province of Tucumán, José Alperovich, for the alleged sexual abuse of his niece and former collaborator.

Judge Osvaldo Rappa issued a resolution today in which he considered that the former Peronist senator is also suspected of the abuse of the young woman -whose identity did not come out- after having evaluated her April investigative statement on the facts that are imputed to her and that occurred in 2017 and 2018.

In that investigation, Alperovich denied the charges and did not want to answer questions. Previously, the former governor of the province of Tucumán between 2003 and 2015 had stated on social networks that the accusation was intended to exclude him from the political scene.

In a long resolution, Rappa prosecuted the politician for simple sexual abuse three times and aggravated sexual abuse six times, the official Télam news agency reported.

The measure does not imply preventive detention, so the accused, who can appeal to a court, will remain free.

In his resolution, the magistrate pointed out that the facts would have occurred through the abuse of power and authority. The abuses reported by the alleged victim would have occurred when she was working as a personal advisor to the senator and apparently began when she worked in the Tucuman government.

After being denounced, Alperovich requested a license without pay in the National Senate to dedicate himself to his defense. Having not renewed his seat as a legislator for the ruling Frente de Todos in the November legislative elections, he left his position in Congress the following month.

The requests of feminist groups for justice to investigate the politician have been renewed since then.

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They accuse a former Argentine governor of alleged sexual abuse against a niece