There are 12 cases of sexual harassment of teachers in BC: Solís

for: Uniradio Informs – May 8, 2022, 05:57 pm

– In addition, there are another 75 cases in which students have reported some type of domestic violence.

By: Octavio Fabela

TIJUANA.- The Secretary of Education has so far 12 cases in which teachers have allegedly sexually harassed their students in addition to another 75 in which the students report suffering some type of domestic violence, reported the Secretary General of Education Gerardo Solís Benavides.

In an interview, the official assured that the incidence in reports against teachers is part of the post-pandemic stress that students experience and clarified that the unit takes measures so that the accused, if they are guilty, do not face the group again.

On the other hand, and before the end of the school year, he specified that there are still 41 schools that have not finished rehabilitating themselves and at least 500 groups that do not have an assigned teacher.

Faced with the constant claim of parents, mainly from the eastern zone of Tijuana, he said he did not know how many teachers are missing in schools located in that area.

He clarified that despite not being regularized, no student will be failed since it is prohibited by law to stop progress from elementary to middle school and from this level, to high school.

“The directors must establish an evaluation route that is captured to evaluate, what we have to do is ensure that the student has what is called the essential fundamental learning, we have made a consolidation, for example if there are 100 learning that must being 40 are fundamental, they should not vary, we are concentrating on that”, commented the secretary.

He added that summer courses will be implemented to try to ensure that all students achieve the minimum level of learning and that in the case of those who do not have a teacher in their group, it will be the responsibility of the directors to establish an evaluation mechanism.

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There are 12 cases of sexual harassment of teachers in BC: Solís