There are 10 complaints in FGE, against teachers for sexual harassment

The Specialized Prosecutor for Crimes Against Women Based on Gender reported that there are already 10 complaints against teachers from Cecyte, Cobach, and now, Lázaro Cárdenas, for sexual harassment.

In the 2510 edition of Semanario ZETA, published this Friday, May 6, the protests made by students from Cecyte and Cobach campus Florido are disclosed, where they denounce sexual harassment by teachers, as well as misogyny, discrimination against the LGBTQI community and administrative negligence.

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On Friday, April 29, Cobach students demonstrated, who later went to the Specialized Unit for Sexual Offenses to file their complaint. Although a group of more than 20 people went to the facilities, only five young people did the same in the face of harassment by the teachers.

In an exclusive interview with this Weekly, Adriana Lizárraga, head of that specialized prosecutor’s office, pointed out that they knew that there was a large group of students who wanted to file a complaint, however, only five filed a formal complaint.

This Friday, four days after those complaints, the Prosecutor’s Office reported through a statement that five more had already been added, and now also, against teachers of the Lázaro Cárdenas Federal High School.

The statement detailed that “officials have been sent to the Directorate of Expert Services to collect psychological opinions, necessary in the integration of the investigation folders, to determine the degree of affectation of those offended by the behavior of the teachers.”

Likewise, he mentioned that the folders are in the investigation stage, for which reason interviews are being held with the victims of Cobach Florido, Cecyte Río and Lázaro Cárdenas, where the inspection of the facts has been carried out and the indicated teachers have been identified.

For her part, Viridiana Román, head of Cemujer, and who accompanied the young women from Cobach last Monday, told ZETA that the Cecyte Río teacher mentioned had already been removed from the institution.


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There are 10 complaints in FGE, against teachers for sexual harassment