The woman accused of lying about her sexual abuse in an assault will continue to be imprisoned

The 39-year-old woman who was arrested on Tuesday afternoon accused of falsely denouncing having been the victim of sexual abuse during an assault refused to testify before prosecutor Leandro Arévalo.

During her appearance on the eighth floor of the Courts, the woman accepted the advice of the official defense attorney not to give a statement until the case in which she is charged with the crimes of false testimony and aggravated false accusation progresses.

It is worth remembering that on April 6, the now detained woman had appeared at the Women’s Police Station to denounce that in the morning, when she arrived at the Park Cemetery, she was intercepted by two men on a motorcycle who threatened her with a firearm. and forced her to go to a tavern. There, under a slab, the woman claimed that she was sexually abused by both individuals who then stole her backpack and ran away from her.

The DDI Mar del Plata, with judicial support from the prosecutor Arévalo, deployed its resources and determined that at the time of the event the woman was participating in a meeting with other people with whom she had consumed alcohol and other drugs.

But despite the fact that the evidence began to unravel her story, the woman insisted, made photographic recognition of the two men and, due to the current protocols of judicial response to acts of sexual assault, the immediate arrest of one of them was ordered.

Analyzing the entire file, the prosecutor Arévalo established that there was sufficient evidence to request the Justice of Guarantees the arrest of the woman and once the order was obtained, it was the DDI itself that achieved the capture.

Meanwhile, the accused authors of an act that did not exist for the Justice, were naturally dismissed.

The woman will remain housed in the Women’s Detachment while the criminal case against her continues, while it will also be investigated whether on previous occasions she had already made a similar complaint against a co-worker.

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The woman accused of lying about her sexual abuse in an assault will continue to be imprisoned