The top cities in France where it is good to cheat

Tired of the top hospitals or the ranking of cities according to the price of real estate? Here is a new way for you to find a welcoming city.

The company for monitoring and detecting computer hackers CybelAngel, worked on recently leaked personal data following a large-scale piracy. CybelAngel analyzed the French addresses among the subscribers, which here is exclusively for Sexpress.

It emerges that in the Paris – Marseille match, the capital has nearly 3 times the number of Marseille registered. And that Bordeaux holds the head of the classification with 2.1% of its population in search of the extramarital thrill. The total number of registrants in France amounts to 325,000 profiles (35,000 women and 290,000 men), the equivalent of the population of Nice.

There are therefore 8 men for a woman (8.3%), which is in line with the world average of registered on Ashley Madison. As much to know, gentlemen, the competition is fierce.

15 active users in France?

According to the site Gizmodo, which also worked on the Ashley Madison database, only 2409 profiles of women exchanged via the site’s instant messaging. Of the 5,550,000 registered on the site, this represents 0.04% of active users. If we relate these proportions to French registrants, that gives… 15 women. Yes, 15 women in France would have chatted on Ashley Madison. However, we must put the figures of Gizmodo into perspective because if 11 million men have used instant messaging, either they have all spoken to very sophisticated robots, or Ashley Madison is a gay site that ignores itself …

In the press kit for the launch of the French version of the site in 2012, Noel Biderman, its founder, praised the merits in these terms: “We save tens of thousands of marriages every day”. Privacy was supposed to be protected: “ is the only platform that allows you to completely delete your profile, photos, and all message history… To leave no digital evidence. “. And the women, numerous (“33% of the members”). I think that Gleeden must be doing a full security audit …

Finally now all French people see their communications officially recorded by the State, and nothing seems to stop the mad race to always more monitoring and tracking. So don’t worry, your data will always be safe somewhere.

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The top cities in France where it is good to cheat

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