The Supreme Court and abortion

As much as I hate politicians, for the most part, I have to write about the nonsense they do and say, because as a sexologist, they are intruding on my territory with every blunder they make. And lately, they do it daily.

I would like someone to explain to me, as if I were five years old, what capacity do politicians, members of the Supreme Court of Justice and judges and lawyers, in general, have to dictate to the experts on human behavior, sexuality, couples and family , what we should do?

I would love it if these people, treated like gods who are always right, would explain to me the situations that lead a woman to interrupt a pregnancy; tell me if you have spoken with a daughter of Eva, who comes to your office desperate, because she was raped and became pregnant, hating her wretch who led her to a crisis that marks her whole life.

After a rape, the human being enters a psychological state of which he does not dare to speak, sometimes for years, or never. But, the “intelligent” ones who make the laws hope that he is counting the weeks that he is allowed to have an abortion.

I also wonder with what right these “beings”, to say the least, feel empowered to regulate the lives of women. Don’t they say that America is built on free speech, respect for humans, and a lot of nonsense that they sell to you, but hardly any of them practice it?

If you care so much about the lives of children, why don’t you take care of the millions who are starving, even in this country? What have they done to prevent Putin’s dwarf from killing children, pregnant women and helpless old ladies every day? And not to mention the number of children who die in schools in the United States, and the waste of weapons in the hands of madmen continues.

Really, I’m tired of so many lies and ignorance. They don’t want abortions? That is not the way. No one is going to stop abortion, it will only become more risky for the mother, deaths in poor women will rise, and you will be responsible. If you really don’t want abortions, legislate for:

— A real sex education, not the one that exists now.

— Serious work with families, since society is the sum of the families that constitute it. Ours are very bad.

— Address the problem of mental health. Insurance does not pay for the necessary therapies for change, and life is becoming more difficult every day. There is no one to take care of the children, both parents must work to survive.

Remember: a society that does not take care of its elders and its children does not deserve to be called a society.

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The Supreme Court and abortion