The STJ ratified the sentence of the convicted of sexual abuse who studies at the Unne

The Superior Court of Justice ruled on the case of the 20-year-old convicted of sexual abuse who studies in person at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the National University of the Northeast (Unne). The fact transpired after a group of students carried out a sit-in in the form of a claim to be filed with the condemned man, they also asked for security.

The Amalia Pesce Veterinary Sorority group (name of the first veterinary doctor in Argentina) staged a sit-in at the facilities against the presence of the student found guilty by the Goya Justice for the crime of sexual abuse with carnal access and who received a three-year suspended prison sentence, with rules of conduct. This would imply that he will be able to return to classes.

For this reason, from Justice they highlighted that minors differ from adults in physical, psychological and emotional development, which is why they constitute the basis of guilt and support that there is a different justice system for their protection. It is worth remembering that the convicted person at the time of the incident was 17 years old.

“Justice for minors aims to ensure that the sanction has a fair and humanitarian relationship between the seriousness of the crime committed, the circumstances in which it was done, and the personal conditions of the young person,” they reported.

After the events, Justice echoed the fact and explained that the special guarantees of young people in conflict with criminal law do not imply impunity; but they force the magistrates to try resocialization to prevent them from committing crimes again.

In this sense, they explained that the Family, Childhood and Adolescence Court took into account, at the time of the incident, that they are “vulnerable subjects” and that the situation increased in the victim due to two factors for being a girl and a woman.

In the text issued through his website, he explained that at the time the sentence was handed down, the modality of the act, the author’s background, what happened afterwards, the results of the protective and professional treatment, and the impression given by the person responsible were analyzed. directly.

In this sense, it was communicated that “the application of punishment in minors attributable is the last resource to which a judge resorts and subjects the punishment to a series of conditions, among them the characteristics or “modalities” of the act that are found. in order of consideration, so that the analysis of the seriousness of the prosecuted act takes precedence over that of the other parameters in the law”.

In addition, they indicated that for the crimes committed by children and adolescents, Law No. 22,278 is applied, which stipulates the Minority Penal Regime. For this reason, the corresponding Court adapts the criminal responsibility issued by the Oral Criminal Court to the norm that governs minors.

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The STJ ratified the sentence of the convicted of sexual abuse who studies at the Unne