The Secretary of Education releases a statement for demonstrations in schools

Given the recent demonstrations in schools, which have mostly been at the high school level where the so-called clothesline area is made where the students denounce sexual harassment by teachers, the Cetis 18 high school being the most recent case.

High school where a teacher was denounced and through the lack of action by the school authorities who did not respond to the call of the students, ignoring the multiple complaints against an educational member of the school.

Given this, the students were dissatisfied with what they demonstrated and as a consequence they were censored by the same school authorities, sheltering them in a classroom, which caused outrage among the high school students.

Even one of the teachers of said educational institution made a call to the students alluding to the fact that they would not get anywhere with those circuses and that the only way to denounce a person for harassment was by going to the State Prosecutor’s Office, which generated a greater discontent.

There are more and more schools where the students join the collective complaint through the clotheslines where they describe the harassment they receive from their teachers and the pressure exerted on both educational and state authorities in order to investigate and stop these situations.

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As an example, we could mention the case in the Cobach Plantel Mexicali high school where due to the collective complaint, the pressure of the students to take action on the matter and the evidence presented, a teacher who was denounced by them was removed from his position.

For this reason, Gerardo Solís Benavides, Secretary of Education and also General Director of ISEP, launched a statement demanding that the entire educational community of Baja California address the people involved with the utmost respect due to their functions within the institution.

Therefore, he asked the school authorities to be attentive to any manifestation or indication of violation of fundamental rights that put the human dignity of the members at risk.

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The Secretary of Education releases a statement for demonstrations in schools