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Karen Moan | February 18, 2022
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What is the secret of women? What are you supposed to know about them? The lovers they’ve had? Why don’t they sit in public toilets? What do they put toilet paper on? That they do not reveal the price of the things they buy? Well, these and other generalizations (making “generalizations” a euphemism) are what you can find in certain magazines and social media posts. However, in this erotic story by Karen Moan you will find one or a couple of answers that may not be very precise, but which, of course, are much more honest and speak of a common space within the erotic.

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What is the secret of women?

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Narration: Karen Moan

What is the secret of women? That so yearned to know, decipher, that key, click, button that finally reveals us to the world.

There is a clothing store called Women’secret. Have you ever been there, hunters?

They sell pajamas, lingerie and more pajamas. In fact, my latest purchase was a Harry Potter owl quilt set. Could it be that my secret has to do with magic? or what that cozy pajamas i could never wear on a date recounts who i am without a date.

But in addition to that anecdotal pajamas in the store there are, above all, underwear, lace, transparencies and pieces of cloth that do two things; own and others.

What is our secret? Work for ourselves and for you? Perhaps it is living in that, when possible, duality. Dress up in owl pajamas at home and in red lace at yours.

Plan both. In our owl pajamas, use the mobile and send you messages that alternate what fluffy of the set, with the heat it produces, while we tell you how much we want to wear the filthy bra for the first time, tiny and useless, except for your eyes and imagination.

Is it our secret to wish and plan for yours to materialize? Pass or not pass, remain in expectations or exceed reality

Does it consist in putting our hands in pajamas Potter’s, warm, why have you sent us an invitation to a weekend in…? Does it consist of taking pictures of us with the red bra fork in front of the mirror (prior intimate masturbation because if not, damn, social networks are a danger, we would like that of the sexting or the porn camcorder)?

Perhaps the secret is that it doesn’t matter what pajamas, lingerie or a damn beach towel because there is no such secret. We are not so different in what we want, perhaps we are in how we propose it, but I sincerely believe that this imaginary fluffy or lace can also fit what you want.

Practical example:

You arrive at my house and you see me under a blanket in pajamas from head to toe in which you barely recognize me, just by my face, you sit next to me and, after finding your place in my jungle (if I’m a tiger, I’m a gazelle ; if I am a crocodile, frog; or if I am a unicorn, then think-find), and while we hunt each other or I hunt you, you let me eat you, bite off your work clothes and, once naked and feeling my flannel pajamas, decide to unzip slowly. Because seeing you there, touched and sunk, I get horny and decide that my pajamas are good for both of us or neither.

Or that you come home and find me in gorgeous lace lingerie and you ask me “What am I going to do with you…? Because…”, and I responded to that question by dancing with my ass very close to your stunned face, until you understand me that you can do whatever you want because today I wanted to make it easy for you and if not, why these clothes, which disappear much faster than it appeared, replaced by a cock and very bossy hands?

Maybe there is no such secret, maybe it’s just that you tell me “What do you want me to wear tomorrow?”.

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The secret of women. Moan Chronicles | erotic stories

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