The Prosecutor’s Office claims to have strong evidence against Fabián Sanabria in a case of sexual abuse

Investigators from the Attorney General’s Office confirmed to RCN MUNDO, that there are compelling elements of evidence, among which several interviews stand out, as well as several laboratory studies, in addition to psychological evaluations, accompanied by medical examinations of the alleged victims, which will be used to demonstrate the alleged responsibility of the sociologist Fabián Sanabria, in the investigation carried out against him by a case of sexual abuse against a young student of the National University.

In the same sense, it was learned that for the preparatory hearings for the trial, which will begin on June 28, the delegate of the The Attorney General’s Office has several testimonies and other series of evidence that would demonstrate the alleged responsibility of the teacher, in this case.

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As initially indicated by the Prosecutor’s Office, the teacher and the young man would have met to talk about a supposed job opportunity. During the meeting, which gave in the house of Fabian Sanabria, this would have given the young man of 25 years a drink, with a type of substance that made him feel dizzy.

After this event, the teacher would have kissed the young man who allegedly tried to flee and resist, but apparently used violence to subdue him, after which he allegedly abused him.

Testimony that, according to what was known, was denied by the defense of the sociologist, but that would be supported and verified by legal medicine exams, that are part of the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office.

In relation to the evidentiary material, the Prosecutor’s Office also has the results of the psychological test that was carried out on the alleged victim, Stiven López Robles, who according to the technical report has visible consequences such as loss of appetitemarked alterations in mood, feelings of sadness and social isolation.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, these consequences were the reasons why the victim did not appear at the hearing held at the beginning of May, since she could not stand be in the same place even if it is virtual with your aggressor.

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The Prosecutor’s Office claims to have strong evidence against Fabián Sanabria in a case of sexual abuse