The nun Sor Marina, on trial for sexual abuse: the degrading testimonies of the minors who denounced her

The moment of the arrest of “Sor Marina”

Maria Tellez Fajardobetter known in the religious sphere as Sister Marinais cast belonging to the order of the Trinitarian Sisters in Boulogne, is accused of one of the most grotesque sex scandals to hit the Church in recent years. They pointed her out to abuse sexually of five minors who were in his charge and, now, he must defend himself in an oral trial. In the last few hours, prosecutor Marcelo Fuenzalida decided to terminate the investigation and submit it to an oral tribunal. Meanwhile, the nun has been detained since June of last year and every time she gets a chance, she cries out for her innocence. She talks about “bad understood”.

However, the file contains the testimonies of their alleged victims, of psychologists who analyzed the minors and of witnesses.

The first complaint against sister Marine arrived in early 2021. The victim was the first of five girls who declared having experienced situations of abuse within the home of the congregation, all of them were under judicial control. The modus operandi described by the minors seems to be repeated in all cases. The nun took advantage of when the victims were alone to touch them in their private parts, usually in the kitchen, a place controlled by the nun.

“I was in the kitchen and taking advantage of the fact that I was wearing a skirt came over and i touched the tail with his open hand from the bottom up. He also caressed my breasts over my shirt, ”said a girl identified as N. According to the investigation, this event allegedly occurred between 2019 and September 2020.

The home of the Trinitarian Sisters of Boulogne
The home of the Trinitarian Sisters of Boulogne

In another similar testimony, a young woman who is now 17 years old explained that the abuse towards her took place since I was 14 years old, in one of the residences that are located within the Boulogne estate of the order of the Sisters. She recounted a specific episode in which, taking advantage of the fact that they were alone, “Sister Marina” came up behind him and “he caressed her waist at the same time that he said ´good job´. Then she reached down with her hand until she touched my tail”.

The rest of the testimonies have the same tenor. Some of the reported touching was above her clothes and others below her, but in all cases the minors agreed that the nun took advantage of her when they were alone with her. It is tell, when not there was witnesses.

For the elevation to trial, the prosecutor Fuenzalida has other elements, in addition to the statements. Pages 81 and 82 of the file contain the statement of a specialist from the Local Service for the Promotion and Protection of Children and Adolescents of Tigre. There they heard the testimony of several of the victims and concluded that their stories were “clear and plausible”. Another professional, from the same government area, agreed when describing the speeches as “credible and truthful”.

In the psychological and psychiatric interviews with the victims, attached to the case between pages 562 and 587, the professionals also agreed that the accounts were credible and that the minors were affected by the situations experienced with Sister Marina.

Tellez Fajardo in the garden of the Trinitarian Sisters.
Tellez Fajardo in the garden of the Trinitarian Sisters.

Tellez Fajardo had the opportunity to defend himself. He did it twice. In both, denied the abuse. However, in the first one, she gave very striking details, atypical for an investigation of a person accused of a sexual crime. First, was located at the scene of the events, more precisely in the kitchen. He also said that with the minor who accused her for the first time he has “good relationship” and that even “he liked to cook”. The nun, precisely, was in charge of the kitchen. Then she said that the accusation could be a misunderstoodthat the victim could “have grazed her”.

In the extension of the investigation, the nun explained that in her first statement she was “overwhelmed” because it was the day she was arrested and that her lawyer at the time he made her testify without knowing in what terms she did it. On this second opportunity, she made some additional clarifications, such as denying that she was in charge of the minors. “I’m just another religious“, he pointed. He also tried to remove himself from the scene of the abuse, that is, the kitchen: “I wasn’t there for long and that I was alone with them, it’s a lie”.

Furthermore, he argued that in 37 years that I have been in the congregation I never had a problem”.

Part of the document for submission to the trial of Sister Marina
Part of the document for submission to the trial of Sister Marina

The prosecutor Fuenzalida He did not believe him on either of the two occasions and left it expressed in his request for trial, where he stated: “In the exculpatory version formulated by the accused, she is placed at the scene of the events together with the victims and even recreates dialogues with some of them.”.

According to judicial estimates, the trial against Maria Tellez Fajardo could only happen in 2024, due to current delays in the system. The accusation is serious: severely outrageous repeated sexual abuse aggravated by having been committed by a person of religious worship, for being a person in charge of the guard and taking advantage of the pre-existing situation of coexistence, their relationship of authority and that the victim could not freely consent to said action.

That extensive accusation could have, as a penalty, up to 20 in prison.


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The nun Sor Marina, on trial for sexual abuse: the degrading testimonies of the minors who denounced her