The Nation / Not with the children

  • By Jorge Torres-Romero
  • Columnist

The horrific episode of alleged abuse of a 6-year-old boy by other adolescents who attend high school in the same educational institution unleashed not only the anger of all public opinion and the media, but also reinvigorated the debate on the need for comprehensive sexual education (ESI) in schools and colleges.

Now, the discussion revolves around what kind of education we want.

What approach should we take to give a true education?

Already children, adolescents and young people today are exposed to pornographic content that circulates openly through social networks without any shame, and to this we add the destruction of families or the absence of parents today.

What happened at the Lambaré school is nothing more than the consequence of an alarming reality called hypersexualization, a current phenomenon that consists of exalting a person’s sexual attributes above other qualities.

Today what prevails is a moral relativism and the truly integral human formation has been left aside. But we cannot ignore the ethical and moral values ​​that should prevail in society. And the first area of ​​training is the family, although we are in a moment of very serious family crisis and it requires real support due to its great value as a key social institution.

Last week, a niece of mine was a victim of bullying. A classmate of 8 years, every day, throwing all kinds of expletives. This girl was raised by an absent mom and dad. Her father works in the fields and her mother in a doctor’s office. The youngest, raised by the domestic staff changed every month. And to top it off, the girl watching scenes of physical aggression between her parents. It is natural that this minor will have learning and behavior problems.

For this reason, the problem is much more complex than it seems and we should consider the need to recover the ultimate meaning of reality; learn to distinguish what is right and what is wrong, truth and error. When children receive love and attention, behavior changes. His view of reality is different. And be brave to take on the challenge that this reality poses to us. I could be wrong, but that’s what I think.

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The Nation / Not with the children