The Nation / Directors cannot justify why they do not comply with protocols for abuse, they affirm

This week a desperate mother decided to denounce the director and the private educational institution located in Lambaré where her 6-year-old son attends and where he was a victim of sexual abuse. In response to this situation, representatives of private institutions highlight the importance of following the established protocols to deal with cases of sexual abuse.

According to the Vice President of the Private Institutions of Paraguay, Luis Ramírez, it is very important to take into account the protocols, since the Ministry of Education has an entire department that works with the institutions. “The work must have two aspects because teachers and directors must be trained and instructed, what their responsibility is, because the law cannot be ignored,” he said on the “Final Account” program, broadcast by the GEN channel. /Middle Nation.

He affirmed that the law for the protection of minors and children in cases of abuse is very clear, in addition that these procedures and protocols were developed and adapted by the MEC for their correct activation. “Non-compliance with the protocol cannot be argued,” she assured.

He indicated that each institution and education professionals should learn more about these protocols as well as the procedures that should be taken in these cases. “What I see that is missing is that we know more about the protocols, procedures and the scope that a technical team has in the institutions,” he pointed out.

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He confirmed that each private institution must have internal regulations and that these must be constituted with the educational community so that it is complied with in any serious case of this nature. “The internal regulations have to be built with those who make up the educational community, parents, students, teachers and directors,” he said.

The professional indicated that this regulation must be approved by the ministry and each institution must understand when the protocol must be activated and that they are obliged to comply. “It is not that the protocol is going to save us from certain situations, but it helps us understand that there are obligations that we must comply with,” he pointed out.

Finally, he stated that they have to be given in certain conditions such as training, that it is best to address sexuality to help children, since there are more and more different forms of abuse in minors. “There is not much training on these issues and since they are taboos, people sweep these things under the rug, it is difficult for us to address them,” she said.

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The Nation / Directors cannot justify why they do not comply with protocols for abuse, they affirm