The most popular sexual positions you must practice

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A study by extramarital dating platform Ashley Madison, related to what they have learned about their marriage this year, reflects on what we want to improve in bed … or out of it. To do this, they ask users worldwide which are the vices / fetishes that they would like to try in this new year; Both they and they seem to agree that having sex outdoors is what they most want, along with group sex. But do you really know your partner on a sexual level? Personality can manifest itself through, and Lara Ferreiro, an expert psychologist in sexuality and couples therapy, identifies with the sexual positions and erotic games the psychological traits of the individual. It’s time to innovate this 2021.

1 The board

The clear winner. 64% of Spaniards and 67% of men surveyed at European level affirm that this position is the one they most want to try in 2021. Here it is about charismatic, outgoing, innovative and creative people wanting new experiences.

2 The chair

There are very few differences between men and women with this posture. Also called the “King’s Throne” pose, it serves to rekindle the flame of passion with your partner. Who are your fans? They are usually flattering, generous, curious, rebellious, defiant, altruistic and in some cases, capricious people.

3 The spider

Men and women coincide here. With a medium difficulty this position, the personality of the “spider” are people with a lot of imagination, mentally flexible and very visual since this position allows one to look at each other while having sex.

4 On all fours

Spanish and international users of the platform agree on this position, with 56% and 53% respectively. For certain women this position provides the best G-spot stimulation from very deep penetrations. Controlling people with the personality of a leader are the ones who enjoy this position the most.

5 The churn

Here, the percentage of men who choose this position is almost double that of women, 49% compared to 25%. People who choose this pose as their favorite reveal that they are adventurous, exploratory, and fun. They like to feel the adrenaline rush in their bodies and the risk that comes with it.

Read more: Sex positions 2021 erotic games

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The most popular sexual positions you must practice

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