The lawyer of the victim of sexual abuse in a school pointed against the directors

The lawyer of the victim of sexual abuse in the bathroom of a special institution that took flight these days reported that the facts are under investigation and the complaint was made for a crime against sexual integrity.

In addition, he assured that the lack of answers by the directors of the institution further aggravates the situation.

The young woman is 31 years old and was studying a year and a half ago at the Crecer con Todos establishment, located on Avenida La Paz at 2300 in the capital of Corrientes. She has 80% disability with a psychomotor problem and developmental delay.

According to the story, one of the students invited her to go to the bathroom. The young woman followed him and that was when the abuse would have occurred.

“There is a criminal complaint filed by the mother that relates an event with clear, precise and circumstantial characteristics. And from the medical studies it appears that the fact happened. We are talking about a crime against the sexual integrity of a young woman, but I must say a young girl, according to her maturational evolution. This institution is here to welcome and accompany you. What further aggravates the situation, in this case, is the lack of responses from the directors of the institution, “said the plaintiff’s lawyer, Hermindo González.

“Beyond the fact that it is a private institution, it provides a service of great consideration and for the entire society of Corrientes, so it needs to be transparent. The silence towards society on the part of the establishment is striking, because it places them within a kind of cover-up, ”he explained in the Corrientes en el Aire program, broadcast by Radio Continental.

The lawyer specified that the direct responsibilities, which are criminal, are being analyzed and it is necessary to determine what happened in detail. “For now we suspect a person with the initial letter” N “but we have to see if it was just him or if other people participated,” he said.

“You have to look at the levels of cover-up after the fact. It is serious that we are talking about an institution that is predisposed to accompany people with special characteristics, that does not give an immediate response. If it had not been for the young woman who told her parents and they made the complaint, nothing would happen and that generates suspicion in the actions, “she continued.

On the other hand, he affirmed that the fact is of such importance that a simple verbal explanation by the institution is not enough and that now the Justice will clearly determine how the case will be resolved.

“You have to analyze all the elements, by scope. If it was premeditated, if the victim was placed in a situation of helplessness, everything must be evaluated because these boys have teachers and guards, each one must explain what their role was, ”he commented.

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The lawyer of the victim of sexual abuse in a school pointed against the directors