The importance of hedonism in our daily life for…

I often see people in the office who dedicate most of their time -or all- to activities of a “practical” nature: work, study, housework, various errands… Their day to day is marathon and they hardly have time to leisure and enjoyment. Unfortunately, the hyper-demanding society in which we live today strongly drags us into this. Time for hedonism… little or none. And this affects, of course, sexual life.

what is hedonism

Hedonism refers to pleasure for pleasure. To enjoyment in itself, without further objectives. A free, immediate, very visceral pleasure. Hedonism is a whole philosophy of life in which satisfaction and well-being are the ultimate goal of life. Sounds very attractive, right?

The culture in which we are immersed leaves little room for hedonism. The day-to-day routine has become a maelstrom that absorbs us and fills us with tasks and obligations, all of them super important and super urgent. Furthermore, in many cases this is also bathed in the tyranny of perfectionism: we have to be the best at everything and do everything perfectly. Work, studies, children, housework… are obligations that eat up all our time, energy and attention.

Leisure spaces are not exempt from this tyranny either: the society in which we live increasingly demands more of us in this regard: our leisure has to meet a series of very demanding requirements: must go to museums, exhibitions, art shows, cinema, theater, read… to be the most cultured and interesting. Must do water sports, adventure sports, go to the gym, dance… to stay in shape and be attractive and obligatorily enjoy these activities. Must go to the best restaurants, try the latest food, go to the new places… to keep up to date and be the most knowledgeable. All this moves away from the philosophy of pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

How to apply hedonism in our daily life

I think there are many more goals in life than just pursuing pleasure, that’s for sure. But I do believe that pure pleasure should be more present in our lives. We are going to comment on some guidelines to start applying it:

  • Think about what things you like to do: for the simple fact of making them and enjoying them. Make a list of what things you enjoy doing, what things relax you, what things have fun, what things make you feel good… in this way you will become aware of what makes you really enjoy. For example, taking a shower or bath, visiting a erotic shop, sunbathe, read a novel, eat ice cream, take a nap…
  • Schedule time for pleasure: It is important that you leave spaces of time in your day to day for pleasure. Reserve moments to do what you want by putting them on your agenda, just like the rest of the things.
  • Eliminate activities from your daily life: surely in your daily life there are activities that you can do without. Obligations, commitments and tasks that, if you stop doing them, nothing happens. Doing this will leave you time, energy, and attention for pleasure.
  • Increase the enjoyment of your obligations: establish strategies to enjoy those things that you have no choice but to do, even if you don’t like them. Work with background music, play sports together, go shopping as a couple, decorate your workplace to your liking, treat yourself to finishing that thankless activity…

How hedonism improves our sex life

hedonismHedonism is already sexuality in itself, since it has to do with enjoyment, with pleasure, with well-being, with being comfortable… So from there we already have a lot of cattle. In addition, if we enjoy our daily life and moments of pleasure on a regular basis our body and our mind will be more predisposed to sex Properly said:

  1. we will have time
  2. we will be rested
  3. Our mood will be positive
  4. We will be more receptive
  5. We will seek more actively the sexual encounter
  6. We will enjoy sex more

Summer and vacations offer many options to practice hedonism, take advantage of them!

Anne Lombardy.

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The importance of hedonism in our daily life for…

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