The hidden face of surrogacy: under the smiles, the misery of women, the transfers of children and the fees of intermediaries

Sunday October 2, the magazine of M6 Restricted zone takes for subject the GPA (Gestation Pour Autrui).

By diving into this practice, image after image, the documentary shows what this practice is, which we want to pass off as medical, but which differs from ART (Medically Assisted Procreation) in that it is a business practice. On the surface, the images are those of the happiness of couples welcoming babies from afar. Then, as a blanket is lifted, the misery of women appears. They ask to be chosen as “incubators”.

The violence is in the bringing together of the images, between the sweetness of these homes, all different but close in their joys shared around the cradle where the newborn baby sleeps, and the harshness of the women who choose to father so as not to die and keep in life the other children. Why had these images been so close together? Because the human manufacturing industry – agencies, doctors and lawyers – uses the first images to mask the seconds. Corn Restricted zone brought the two closer together.

On the surface: finally happy couples, taking care of smiling babies

Restricted zone shows adults unhappy at not having children, or having only two, and desiring so deeply. Having tried everything. And here is the miracle: a woman offers them the object of all their desires, the extension of their love, the baby who will grow up in the united home, the grandparents crying with happiness.

Family photos, garden, siblings, smiles.

What thwarts a happiness that is at once so touching and so ordinary, in these families like the others, has two sources. First of all, the woman who has donated her reproductive capacity can turn out to be harmful and here is the destitute couple who suffer for the child and fight in court.

Even more, it is the French State which harms the happiness of the family and the child because the shadow has so much soft light, it is the rigidity of the law which refuses to recognize a bond of filiation between the new – innocent born – and here is the image of the baby who wriggles in the bassinet – and the adults who love him and want only his good. But they assure that French law, reactionary and in defense, will soon give way. Who can resist a child’s smile?

Under the varnish: women offering themselves

In the following image, Restricted zone shows another reality. She does not replace her, because these couples exist, really suffer from the absence of children, take care with love of the newborns that they have collected at the airport or at the place of birth. But without this appalling reality, the newborn would not be in their arms.

More warmth, more love. Women in anoraks say they have gone to college, but nothing allows them to live. So, aligned on the bench, they assume their project to be incubators. To no longer be people but many things. This will allow them to feed their families.

The documentary shows all the realities. Arrive the images of an American mother who explains doing this so that a couple of men have the joy of being parents, the absence of a woman preventing him from being jealous. Then a British mother explains how she obtained enough to live in the English system which limits the remuneration paid to women: by increasing the number of pregnancies. She calmly explains the medical problem occurring at the 16th “gestation”. 16 gestations, without the clinic or the doctor having obstructed her behavior.

If such a fate for women did not exist, the images of birthday cakes and photos of children in Western families could not be spread on the surface: the raw material would be lacking. However, the raw material is not only the women, who speak, to say that they agree to produce children for the sole purpose of delivering them to the people who ordered them, that they have an advantage. , that they do not ask for any protection, that this improves their situation.

As for the children, either they are so small, they smile in their cradles. Either they are out of the picture, their case being known only through the trials which begin to multiply, for example because the “intended parents” rejected them because at birth they were not in conformity. to the “project”. Either they speak in the pink and blue photo, the two daughters of the Mennesson couple having already testified in Le Figaro, reaffirming once again that they are very happy with their family, and that this happiness which does not concern anyone else should not be disturbed. It is true that the American woman who gave birth to them has since made a fortune by setting up a surrogacy agency.

Because this is the heart of the matter. Money.

Between the people who suffer from not having children and the women who resign themselves to offering to begetting them in order to bring them some, are thriving, in the shadow of the big hotels and Internet sites, companies.

Between the women who engender the child in order to give it and those who ordered it, the human industry

Surrogacy is not so much about feelings, some sadness, others love and gifts. It is above all a matter of money. A business that will develop if the varnish of smiles does not crack.

The documentary shows the surrogacy industry. Couples use agencies. They pay fees, sometimes in the form of membership fees. Of this they do not speak. The images follow one another, the couples not having the impression of buying the child or the mother’s body, since the money is paid to the intermediary, the agency that provides a service, which includes service of the doctor and the lawyer.

The images show the more or less top-of-the-range services and more or less mistreating the reproductive body, depending on the financial capacity of the beneficiaries. You can do what everyone wants by clicking on “all-inclusive” services, the baby being delivered with medical follow-up and parentage.

It is the industry that currently brings in $ 2 billion annually for California alone. Where the two young Mennesson girls were born 15 years ago, who want us to focus only on their family joy, highlighted by the association led by their father who is asking for the legalization of surrogacy in France, but without looking under this veneer the prosperous Californian industry and the agency opened since by their manager, who affirms with a smile the joys of surrogacy.

Let’s not comment Restricted zone: let’s look.

The images give the measure of the anthropological rupture which is in the process of occurring, the women producing human beings to deliver them to solvent human beings who desire it and for it pay intermediaries who make fortunes. The human industry is on the move. Nothing seems to stop him anymore, so much is the law of the market … and the man himself sometimes runs to his loss, and sometimes rises up and says: no.

“Surrogate mothers, the disturbing investigation”, in Restricted zone, Sunday October 2 at 9 p.m.

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The hidden face of surrogacy: under the smiles, the misery of women, the transfers of children and the fees of intermediaries

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