The gynecologist accused of sexual abuse was denied release from prison

The Investigating Judge Josefina González Cabañas rejected the release from prison presented by the lawyers José María Arrieta and Isidoro Sassón in favor of the gynecologist Alejandro Gerardo Dahse, accused of numerous cases of sexual abuse against his patients. The decision led to the postponement of the hearing that was to take place this week to give evidence.

For Judge González Cabañas, two of the cases presented have similar characteristics and, consequently, the defendant cannot enjoy the benefit of exemption from prison. In turn, there was a high probability that if he appeared to testify, he would obtain preventive detention.

According to one of the complaints, the abuse occurred when the victim was 18 years old and after the provision of total anesthesia for the placement of an IUD, a procedure that requires only local anesthesia. She is currently 33 years old and has lived in Spain for several years, the country from which she initiated the corresponding legal proceedings.

Despite the postponement of the hearing, the proposed mobilization for this Friday was also held at 9:00 from Plaza Vera and to the headquarters of the IOSCOR social work, in which Dahse is still an auditor. At the San Juan headquarters at 1060 protesters called for his removal from office.

The first complainant of the professional, who initiated legal actions in 2008 when she was a minor and whose cause prescribed due to lack of investigation, not due to lack of evidence, became unbalanced at the scene and was assisted by protesters. Unfortunately, instead of requesting assistance for her, who is in an advanced pregnancy, the police officers were more concerned that a wall be clean.

The next step in the case is to wait for the Justice’s response to the appeal of the release from prison, but the preventive detention of Alejandro Gerardo Dahse would be a fact, due to how events are taking place. In addition, at noon, Domínguez presented a note to the Court in which he requested the immediate imprisonment of the accused, due to the seriousness of the crimes he is accused of.

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The gynecologist accused of sexual abuse was denied release from prison