The French journalist PPDA denounces 16 women who accuse him of sexual crimes for slander

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, in an image from 2017. (JEAN-FRANÇOIS MONIER | AFP)

The former presenter of the most watched news in the French state Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, also known by his abbreviation PPDA, has filed a libel complaint against 16 women who had previously accused him of sexual harassment or assault of various kinds, including rape. Nora Arbelbide, a former journalist for ‘Berria’ in Baiona and a writer, would be one of those denounced, although she has not yet received official notification.

In total, 26 women have denounced the former journalist and writer, but there are more who have declared that they were attacked: publicly there have been 40, although others have done so privately. Most of the cases have prescribed, including that of Arbelbide.

The former Basque journalist filed the complaint last year, for events that occurred in 2003. The attack occurred in Martinique, in a journalists’ forum, after Arbelbide approached her to inform her of the closure of ‘Euskaldunon Egunkaria’. He got the number of the hotel room where she was staying and entered her room, although nothing happened because she was accompanied.

Arbelbide decided to make the facts public during the #MeToo campaign, which in the French State was spread under the name #BalanceTonPorc, when she saw that other women had denounced it.

The former presenter has stated that “many accusations have no basis” and added that “you cannot be falsely accused with impunity.” The lawyer Laura Heinich has publicly stated, on behalf of the defendants, that “they are impatiently waiting to respond and confront before the judges, what the statute of limitations prevented them from doing.”

Complaints against former presenter continue

Complaints against PPDA for different sexual crimes continue to be made public. On Wednesday, a woman filed a new complaint in Paris for rape and attempted rape; It would be about events that occurred in 1995.

In December of last year, two more complaints were filed, for events that occurred in 1985 and 2013.

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The French journalist PPDA denounces 16 women who accuse him of sexual crimes for slander