The former Vox deputy accused of sexual abuse assures that he is innocent: “I have lost everything”

The former deputy of vox Carlos Fernandez-Roca This Monday in a trial held at the Madrid Provincial Court, he was proclaimed innocent of the crime of sexual abuse of a woman he is accused of and said: “I have lost everything, my whole life has fallen apart”, and this case ” It has destroyed my family.”

The prosecutor has maintained his request for five years in prison for Carlos Fernández-Roca for a crime of sexual abuse committed in the night of November 7 to 8, 2020 at his home in Madrid and also compensate the victim, who was then 23 years old, in 5,000 euros.

For her part, the lawyer of the woman who denounced Carlos Fernández-Roca has requested that he be sentenced to eight years in prison and compensation of 15,000 euros for sexual abuse with non-consensual penetration.

In his final turn, Carlos Fernández-Roca recalled that, when he was denounced by the young woman, he resigned his seat and also his status as a deputy and his right to be tried by the Supreme Court, because maintains his innocence and he trusts “justice, the judicial system and the magistrates of the Provincial Court”.

The former parliamentarian, who filed a complaint for false testimony against the young woman, added: “I was 36 years old and everything was aheadI was a national deputy and I have lost everything, my whole life has fallen apart and they have destroyed a family, my parents, my brother and my girlfriend whom I hope to marry”.

He explained that he got to where he was after a lot of effort and that he managed to be an Army captain by opposition “after a lot of sacrifice” without now even being able to return to the Armed Forces through this procedure.

“I kept a consensual sexual intercourse with a person but, if he regrets it now, it does not mean that it was sexual abuse: it was consented”, he insisted.

During his report, the prosecutor explained that he is requesting 4 years in jail, the minimum penalty provided for the sexual abuse attributed to the accused, since it frames him in a relationship consented by the complainant in terms of kisses and touching, but not for vaginal penetration carried out by the accused against the will of the young woman.

The lawyer of the accusation brought by the young woman has estimated that it has been shown that the accused took advantage of the drunken situation of the woman to go home after drinking to consummate the sexual abuse.

She only consented to kisses because he liked her, and he knew that she was very Catholic and that loss of virginity was reserved for marriagebut, despite that and that he asked her to stop, he told her to relax and consummated the non-consensual vaginal penetration “.

The defense attorney has requested his absolution and has explained that no one can believe that a person who says he was raped falls asleep after the sexual act and sends, when he left the accused’s house, whatsapp messages a friend and four other people without mentioning the alleged sexual assault.

It has maintained that the complainant “lies for the borderline personality disorder that he suffers, according to the psychologist expert presented by the accusation, which makes him tend to exaggerate everything”.

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The former Vox deputy accused of sexual abuse assures that he is innocent: “I have lost everything”