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It was invented to relieve doctors of the long and laborious task that had been carried out since ancient times: massages aimed at relieving the aforementioned “Hysteria”, which manifested itself by pain in the lower part of the stomach, a certain inexplicable lubrication of the vagina, and that was accompanied by nervousness, insomnia and “hot flashes” of the womb. In other words…slight swelling of the clitoris.

What if it were female excitement in its simplest expression, unfortunately misunderstood?

The expression of female sexuality has always been considered a disease, because there has always been the belief that women should not have orgasms except through penetration.

Today we know that only 30% of women can reach a vaginal orgasm… Despite what men think!

Doctors who massaged women in this way (since ancient times, as reflected in works dating from the first century after Christ: “We moistened their parts with a mild oil, and applied it for a certain time”), did not commit This was an “indecent” act, in a context where they were treating an illness and where sexuality was only understood in terms of penetration.

Hippocrates was not so far off the mark when he recommended marriage as a remedy. Despite this, there were also married women who suffered from this hysteria (which comes from the Greek term he will comeand what does womb mean) This hysteria was therefore not the expression of women’s sexual dissatisfaction.

Until the end of the 12th century, this “disease” was considered “the most widespread of all” (according to a 17th century manuscript) and a pandemic was feared (in the 19th century)

Finally, and to liberate doctors, who could spend an hour “treating” their patients (sometimes they delegated this task to a nurse), the first vibrators appeared. The first model dates back to 1867: it is a table that had a vibrating bullet in the center, and on which the women lay down. Everything was connected to a coal-fired engine.

Other models were equipped with chains tied to the ceiling, or others were started with the help of pedals.

The electrification of domestic appliances at the beginning of the 20th century made it possible to reduce the size of the object and, above all, make it portable. Thus, doctors were able to abandon this practice in their consultations. The Vibrator began to be sold even through mail order as a “small household appliance for personal use”.

In the publicity of the time, although subtly, its real use was revealed.

An advertisement for the magazine “Women’s Home Companion” in 1910, promises each woman “the quintessence of eternal youth”, Another announced “Thanks to him, you will feel inside you the palpitations of all the pleasures of youth”

It will only be in the 50’s where its use for explicitly sexual purposes is recognized… in the 50’s? In 2000, the Food and Drug Administration approved a model (Eros Clitorical Therapy Device) intended for medical use: Alleviating sexual dysfunction in women “…

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The first vibrators in history – La Sonrisa de Aphrodite

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