The essential sexual condition of a guest of ‘First Dates’ to have a relationship

First Dates it seems that it always brings together very passionate diners who are eager to get to know each other in all areas. A few days ago it was Vanesa and Carlos who raised the temperature of the date and wanted to go one step further in their first approach, and now they have been Arantxa and Alberto who have starred in a curious encounter.

Arantxa (44 years old and from Vizcaya) has made it clear before setting foot in the most famous restaurant on television what she is looking for. “QI want to have a partner who likes sex as much as I do... I don’t want it Sunday or once a month. I want it every day and if it is more than once, the better”, he explained to the editors of the program. Alberto (49 years old and from Asturias) for his part is a country man who is fascinated by rural life and wants to find in this dating shows someone who shares this same passion.

Both have come to the program with clear things, but when hypothetically they have imagined a common project… Some differences have arisen there! They did not know if they would be willing to accommodate their lives to joint needs, since they were not entirely sure if they wanted to settle their lives in a single city. Of course, Arantxa and Alberto have found complicity and affinity at the time when they have confessed to being active, not in that field, or at least not for the time being.

After sharing hobbies and some other Hobbie to enjoy nature, Arantxa has tested Alberto’s sexual thermometer asking him without hesitation if he considered himself an active person. Alberto, somewhat embarrassed, has commented that “quite a lot”. Something that has made the Biscayan woman completely free, without any type of filter: “I am active. I like it in the morning, in the afternoon, at night… “In addition, she has confessed to him what her most intimate experiences have been: “I have had several threesomes, one with two boys and the other with two girls”.

Again, Alberto a bit intimidated Because of the situation, he wanted to respond by being as honest as possible. “I am more normal and I have not done strange things. I am very traditionalbut trying new things can be good…”, he commented.

After these confessions both have gone to the private room of the restaurant to test themselves with the program games of four. The dice have spoken and first they have started with a little foolishness of caresses on her thigh, which Arantxa, prey to her burning desire, has decided to skip and create her own rules. How? Passionately kissing Alberto, who has also been carried away instantly.

Alberto and Arantxa have managed to bring out their most daring side. Despite the fact that at the beginning they had small differences, both have managed to redirect the date and enjoy each other or so, it could be confirmed by their final denouementwhere everything was kisses, “licking” and a lot of ardor.

That’s not enough Arantxa and Alberto have decided to repeat a second meeting, where he has kindly offered her an invitation to his home in Asturias. Will they be able to enjoy the natural paradise of the region or will they create their own?

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The essential sexual condition of a guest of ‘First Dates’ to have a relationship