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The question is simple. If you oppose the defense of informality and the most vulgar mercantilism – the only real thing in the ideology of our political class – you are the adversary. The common enemy of left-handed and right-handed extremists: a caviar.

Continuously, we listen from left and right. However, when it comes to laying down any effort to formalize a sector, the dichotomy is broken and a single fist becomes ready to deal an accurate blow at the slightest hint of progress.

Are we really witnessing a confrontation of the traditional antagonistic ideological specters or, plain and simple, are we facing a group of conservative businessmen – pulling towards misogyny – who resist any change? Only the second would explain the performance of parliament in the last week.

While the plenary approved the law that lowers the university reform and returns us to the times when the rectors were judge and jury – the time of the universities with plywood facades – a congressional commission gave the green light to a proposal that seeks to eliminate sexual education and the gender approach in the school curriculum.

And it is that, given the alarming numbers of attacks and outrages, the best thing for our “fathers of the country” is to dismantle what is essential to prevent and combat sexual abuse against girls and boys. Based on absurd prejudices – which lead them to speak of a conspiracy to sexualize and homosexualize children – they want to prevent them from being provided with information about the dangers of exploitation, the means to protect themselves and the existing risks. No. That the subject be taboo again, that the internet be responsible for educating our children on the subject, period. No matter how many studies prove them wrong, they will stubbornly insist that they are preventing their offspring from becoming homosexual or promiscuous when, in fact, teen pregnancy rates drop tremendously along with delayed sexual initiation with proper education. that promotes respectful social and sexual relations as well as the assessment of the affectation that their decisions produce in themselves and in others. But no. Telling girls that being women does not predestine them to the kitchen is “gender ideology”. In short, ignorance has never been so daring or so empowered.

And speaking of ignorance, there is no better way to ensure it than by allowing unscrupulous businessmen to educate our youth. Although, of course, in reality it is not about educating her but about scamming her with the story of the professional career, which finally comes down to the delivery of a cardboard with no value in the real world and that only shows that all the monthly payments – and others charges you can think of – they were cancelled. But no, once again. Demanding that branches or subsidiaries like the one that approved President Castillo’s shameful master’s thesis – closed by Sunedu – do not return is a matter of caviar. University “autonomy” is interpreted as the power of the universities to do and teach any nonsense thanks to the fact that they themselves are going to control the supervising entity. To oppose this is to become the enemy of Cerrón and López Aliaga. Yes. It doesn’t matter if they are admirers of communist or fascist regimes, both extremes use the same labels to disqualify those who oppose them. If we rely entirely on his outbursts, we have to be caviar is not to yearn for the Middle Ages or admit that Peru is defined as a no man’s land in which there are no restrictions to do business. If I have the money, I put up a chifa, a university or a political party without requiring anything more than the necessary outlay. Demand healthy food, academic rigor or true militancy is caviar and cojudign.

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The Common Enemy – Daily Voices