“The child does not lie”, says prosecutor on sexual abuse at school

After the second raid at a private school in Lambaré where an act of sexual abuse occurred, the prosecutor Gladys González affirmed yesterday that there is truth in what the victim said.

The educational institution released a statement saying that there was insufficient evidence of the abuse or irregular management of the directors, and even threatened to take the student’s family to court if the complaint was false.

“We have analyzed some objects that we have found and we can say with certainty that the child is not lying,” said the Public Ministry agent.

He announced that they will return to the school to collect more evidence. Yesterday the investigators even made excavations in the patio, since the 6-year-old boy reported that the alleged abusers gave him “slogans” such as burying objects.


1. Approach: On March 31 of this year, the boy was approached by older students who asked him to comply with “instructions.” He told his mother about this and she called the teacher to express her concern. The teacher promised to find out what was going on and reassured her.

2. Abuse: On April 26, sexual abuse occurred in one of the restrooms. The aggressor was a teenager who acted in complicity with two others.

3. Complaint before the Prosecutor’s Office and before the school: The mother made them on April 27.

4. The Prosecutor’s Office requests the recordings of the security cameras and the institution delivers incomplete files: “The time range that had been requested was from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; however, in the answer they attach a flash drive containing closed-circuit images between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., “explained prosecutor Myriam Rodríguez, while noting that “with the collected elements” they were able to identify two assailants of the boy.

5. Investigators go to look for the videos: of those two remaining hours and they left a flash drive to make the full copy. “When we constituted ourselves again to remove those images, the expert from the institution told us that there was a technical error and that only 30 minutes of all the footage was recorded,” Rodríguez said.

6. School communicates “bullying among peers”: Educational supervision received a note from the institution on May 5, dated the previous day.

7. First raid: It was done last Friday and the indictment of the director and two teachers was announced.

8. School reports the abuse: After they were raided, they just reported the abuse to supervision.

9. Second raid: Relevant elements were collected yesterday, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Lawyer Pedro Wilson Marinoni said yesterday that the alleged perpetrators of the abuse could receive sentences of 8 years. The family representative, Elber Caballero, preferred not to venture to talk about it, since the investigation is just beginning and the ages of the students involved must be specified.

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“The child does not lie”, says prosecutor on sexual abuse at school