The Best Male Sucker Do you know it?

This is the inside of the Atoblow AI.

What are the most outstanding features?

  • Without a battery, it is easily plugged into electrical current. That way it will never leave you halfway … Its mechanism is designed to last a long time (They ensure more than 500 hours of pleasure!).
  • You can use several interchangeable covers with different external holes: mouth, vagina or anus … It adapts to all penises and tastes!
  • Easy to clean: to do this, you just have to remove the cover and wash it with soap and water or, our recommendation, a masturbator cleaner and to maintain that delicate texture, the ideal is to apply the renewing powders after each wash. So you will have it as new for your next moment of pleasure.
  • Researchers and designers have used artificial intelligence to understand and replicate the techniques used in real life to perform blow jobs.
  • This improved model compared to the previous one, is three times more powerful and 50% quieter than its predecessor, the Autoblow 2 Plus, which we also recommend if you have a slightly tighter budget. Likewise, it is one of the most advanced male sex toys on the market, although it does not achieve the “Fellatio effect” so great it gets the Autoblow AI

How to use this “pleasure machine”?

Despite its sophisticated and futuristic look, this male sucker-masturbator is super easy to use. You just have to …

  1. Insert the lubricated penis into the silicone sleeve. For a more pleasant session, remember to apply the water-based lubricant when you go to use it.
  2. Press the play button to start one of 10 different penis massage experiences. Each technique applies a different type of suction and massage. Also, you can adjust the speed to finish faster or practice to last longer.
  3. When you’re done, it couldn’t be easier, just empty the contents and wash the cover.

Easy right? Let’s go with more information about this sex toy that simulates the “perfect fellatio”.

Where is the artificial intelligence?

Very well. We have come this far with what seems like a super advanced masturbator, but what does it bring us as a novelty? The main characteristic of this machine to give pleasure is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence to achieve a hyper-realistic suction effect and achieve… the best “blowjob” in the world!

From the brand they assure that their scientific team analyzed more than a thousand hours of sexual videos to discover the best techniques and recreate the perfect oral sex.

And all that knowledge was transferred to this electronic device, which has its own microchip and four sensors to control the system, in this way it allows you to enjoy nothing more and nothing less than 250 possibilities. The experience can be highly personalized, since each of these modes stimulates different parts of the penis: from the base to the glans, through the central area and all their combinations.

From La Sonrisa de Aphrodita we agree that they succeed and that is why we recommend this product to men who want to get an advanced and really durable toy. An investment in pleasure that we think is worth it because it really is brutal!

We leave you here a link to the file of this new product, which at the moment is only available in the most exclusive stores in the country …

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The Best Male Sucker Do you know it?

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