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Beauty is subjective. And as such, there is no single model. Hence, societies, throughout history, have been imposing their own ideals. For this reason, these beauty models have varied over time. For convenience or conviction of what is “ideal.”

What is currently happening is that beauty is no longer just a general ideal, but has been extended to specific models of beauty. Within a body “ten” there must be ten boobs, ten legs, ten abdomen, ten ass, ten pectorals, ten face, ten smile, etc … making us permanent slaves of “thousand” bodies.

It is no longer enough to measure seven heads (Greek beauty canon), to have measures 90-60-90 as in the 90s. Not even to have curves and wide hips as in the time of our grandmothers and before (the thin ones were repudiated for marriage because it is a symbol of disease and infertility) or when small penises that were considered a sign of maturity and wisdom in Greek civilization, are valid today. Before, perhaps the prevailing characteristics prevailed in the majority, which was abundant or seemed healthy, but now the impossible, the rare, is sought to keep us dependent and consumers.

In one way or another, these impositions have always negatively marked the self-esteem of people who do not agree with the beauty model, wanting to fit in and achieve status in society. In addition to creating a rejection towards those who distance themselves from these ideals by the rest.

And vulvas, pussies, shells, totonas, or whatever you want to call them, suffer what has never been considered before in any society or civilization: the perfect vulva model. To piss and take no drop. It would also be to laugh, if it were not because the idea that there is an ideal model is really penetrating, with women undergoing surgery to trim their inner lips, whiten the skin of the vulva and around, rebuild the hymen, put botox on the outer lips … A real madness.

I always answer the same way. Does it prevent you from enjoying your sexuality? Do you think your pleasure is affected by the shape of your vulva?

Why build a mural

I have received several inquiries (and there have been few) over the course of several months about the shape and color of the vulva. Concerns about the color of the skin of the same and the area around it, as if having the vulva darker than the rest of the body was something bad or harmful. That the inner lips are large, or that they are small. What if “I have a very small clitoris and it cannot be seen” or “I have a very large clitoris” … and a few more contrary queries to each other, which indicates that we automatically reject because they teach us that what we have is wrong and we must desire what we do not have.

But I think the best thing is to check the great diversity of vulvas that exist. There are as many different vulvas as there are women. Each one has its characteristics and peculiarities. And that is why I have created with the help of a few volunteers, a vulva mural: “The vertical smile mural.”

In this mural you will be able to see photographs of a few vulvas where it is impossible to know the woman’s age, if she has had vaginal deliveries and what her orgasms are like. So let’s play, if you feel like it, to banish a few myths about the perfect vulva, if its shape affects how orgasms feel, if having more or less childbirth “ugly” the vulva or makes you feel less pleasure, etc …

You should know that the dark color of some skins around the vulva and on the vulva can be pronounced with age. In other women it does not vary and in other women there is no difference or darker areas. But do you really think that makes it more or less beautiful? In fact, a vulva darker than the rest of the skin is what it does is focus attention on that area by highlighting more. But the ones that do not have it darker are not less beautiful either. As I said at the beginning, beauty is subjective.

Regarding the larger and more prominent inner lips, they have a very pleasant advantage. On the one hand, in oral sex they allow them to be sucked and play with them with their fingers as a massage, and on the other hand, during a penetration, as they are larger they will be pulled into the swing of penetration by pulling the cap of the clitoris massaging it during intercourse. And those with small or almost non-existent labia will allow a smoother gliding that can provide a very pleasant and direct friction with the entrance of the vagina. So there is no need to worry about not having what we are told to have, and learn to take advantage of what we do have.

Let’s love our vulvas!

Averting our gaze and pleasure from what we are, have and feel will make us sad, nonconformist and produce anxiety. We must love our forms, our body as it is, to learn from it and enhance its pleasure. So I suggest you observe the mural and understand the diversity that exists.

(out of 35, none are the same!). These vulvas range from 22 years to 55. And there are from Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, the Dominican Republic, the United States and Colombia. Many have had several vaginal deliveries, others not, other caesarean sections, other abortions, and still others just one delivery; others have orgasms of all colors; some have never experienced one, others only through the clitoris … and could you guess which is which? Obviously NO.

For this reason, the vulva model that they sell us is not going to give you more or less pleasure. Because perhaps the vulva of the mural that you like the most may be the one that has the least pleasure and vice versa. You may believe that you need to have surgery on your inner lips because they look ugly and it turns out that the vulvas with bigger lips are the most voted by the others… So look at them, grab a mirror, look at yours and love it.

MURAL La belleza de la sonrisa vertical1
MURAL La belleza de la sonrisa vertical2
MURAL La belleza de la sonrisa vertical3

Thank you all for your generosity.

Sergio Fosela

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The beauty of the vertical smile – Sexual Therapy

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