The 7 news you have to know this Thursday morning, May 12

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If the crisis in Ukraine, the energy crisis or the espionage case is left aside, all still standing, unheard-of shocks appear behind the door. Example: half of the drugs approved by Europe do not reach Spain. And so, more.

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Health It rules out almost half (45%) of the drugs approved by the European Union for reasons of effectiveness and economics. The short-term consequence is clear: they do not reach Spain. Long term is up for debate.

Ecology. The economy faces structural changes; An ecological transition is being promoted, sometimes wind, sometimes solar and more, which is expected with costs that are difficult to quantify. The Bank of Spain traces that the most vulnerable households will be the losers.

Violence. Cases of sexual abuse or sexist violence are repeated from time to time for now without a solution. That is why the merit of examples such as that of the Iberia pilot who recorded the video that helped identify the monster of Igualada. “I feel proud,” he tells The vanguard.

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An explosion in a Ukrainian attack recorded by a drone


Ukraine goes for long… at least according to US intelligence. On the ground, the Ukrainian army is trying to contain the Russian advance towards Odessa as it approaches the Russian border from Kharkiv. The danger of spreading the war to more countries grows again.

The 7 news you have to know this Thursday morning, May 12


Russia takes aim at Odessa

With China in the target. The WHO criticizes Beijing for its “unsustainable” repressive policy of zero tolerance against covid. China refutes it as “irresponsible”. Meanwhile, the US does not rule out an armed response if Beijing builds a naval base in the Solomon Islands.

Blockchain technology prevails

Blockchain technology prevails


The technology vs. democracy? The electoral future is imagined, very often, parallel to electronic voting. In fact, it is the reality in more than one, two, three cases. Faith in seemingly incorruptible blockchain technology dominates. Yes? Here in detail. (Interactive).

Welcome to the hyper-guarded office. The pandemic has wreaked havoc. The success of espionage programs, too. And according to the European Commission, the same happens for the politician as for the employee: the demand for software to spy on them doubles.


Russian feminist protest punk rock group Pussy Riot

Maria Alyokhina, singer and activist of the group Pussy Riot, escaped from Russia

Michael Fludra

Maria Alyokhina, singer and activist of the group Pussy Riot, escaped from Russia. “Right now we have the worst censorship.” Read it here.

The 7 news you have to know this Thursday morning, May 12


LV_ The escape of the Pussy Riot: “No, I’m not afraid”


Illustration of neurons showing the myelin covering the axons

Illustration of neurons showing the myelin covering the axons

Getty Images/Science Photo Libra

Avoid memory loss with age it could start to stop being seen as a utopia. Scientific research has discovered a protein that can prevent it. Reveals a mechanism of cognitive decline that can be reversed. East.

Manchester is much more than football. Or what industrial history. It is considered, today, “the most hipster of the United Kingdom” –there is nothing there…– and also lives “a creative effervescence”. He has to travel to her.

Another look

Official campaign posters of 2022 French presidential election candidates Marine le Pen, French far-right National Rally (Rassemblement National) party candidate, and French President Emmanuel Macron, candidate for his re-election are displayed on an official billboard in Herbeville, France, April 21, 2022. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

The posters of Macron and Le Pen during the electoral campaign


Overseas France exists! After the presidential ones, there is talk of the French legislative ones although many doubt: does France matter so much? Example: its 12 offshore territories make it the second largest exclusive economic zone in the world, despite its crises.

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Imma Rabasco, happy woman, promoter of laughter

Xavier Cervera / Own

Imma Rabasco, happy woman, popularizer of laughter. “An hour of laughter is better than four hours of yoga.” Read it here.


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The 7 news you have to know this Thursday morning, May 12