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The cinema, who does not like to enjoy a good movie: blanket, popcorn (popcorn) and maybe a good company …

Immersing yourself in the seventh art for those short two hours is one of the best ways to disconnect from the routine and relax your body and mind (well, it depends on the movie).

The value of cinema is not unknown and today we want to propose a list of 5 films intensely connected with being a woman and the feminine.

Don’t think we made up the list or it was the first thing we found in google NO! we did an investigation in the School of Shaktis, our female sexual empowerment community Are you already part?

We ask in the group what are those films to connect with being a woman and here we share the main ones:

1. “The art of loving: The story of Michalina Wislocka.”

This Polish movie is the direct recommendation of SEXURERO. 📽 The art of loving is one of those films that seem like ancient struggles for the right to female pleasure, but that make you feel that we are still looking for that goal. Have you already seen it?

The best thing is that it is on Netflix.

During the communist era, a Polish gynecologist and sexologist faces taboos and struggles to publish her groundbreaking book on love and sex.

Starring: Magdalena Boczarska, Eryk Lubos, Justyna Wasilewska.

2. eat, pray, love

movies for women

Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem star in this movie based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert. A wonderful film full of colors, aromas and love affairs that It will inspire you in your feminine awakening.

Liz Gilber-t thought she had everything she wanted in life: a home, a husband, and a successful career. But one day he discovers that life was more boring than he thought. Suddenly, her day-to-day life is draining and she decides to end her marriage. From then on, he embarks on an initiatory journey in which, through various countries, he will discover new edges of his soul. Italy, India and Indonesia will be the cultural environments that will lead this woman to experience new ways of feeling.

3. Room in Rome

movies for women

This movie talks about how a parenthesis in our lives, at the right time, can be the perfect catalyst for a change radical in our personal evolution and sexual awakening.

Synopsis: Alba and Natasha (Spain and Russia), meet in a hotel in Rome. Even knowing that the next day both must separate to return to their countries, to their routines, they decide to spend the night together and unleash the attraction they feel for each other. ANDhe film reminds us that perfect love can come anytime, anywhere. Without a doubt, a recommended film that gives value to sporadic relationships, which, despite being ephemeral, can also be beautiful and liberating.

4. The wild orchid

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If you liked nine and a half weeks, with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke (we took the opportunity to put another recommendation there), you have to see this movie.

In this case, the protagonist is Emily Reed, a young, intelligent and beautiful lawyer who, through work, is involved in a series of events that lead her to Brazil. There he meets James Weeler, an American businessman (Mickey Rouke) who will awaken in her the most hidden and “wild” desires. A film about passions and ways of loving that bring us closer to our animal self, perfect to bury naivety once and for all and bring to light the black panther that we have in our chest.
An eighties movie with a cinematic aesthetic that unfortunately is no longer seen.

5. Don’t look down

movies for women

For those who want a mixture of sex, drama and surrealism. This film by Eliseo Subiela introduces us to Eloy, a nineteen-year-old young man who faces the death of his father surrounded by a very harsh symbolic environment (his family’s company is dedicated to the manufacture of tombstones and figures for graves in his location).

The boy has to assume the entrance to maturity in an accelerated and unexpected way, but he will meet Elvira, who will initiate him in tantric sex, discovering unknown and very powerful places of his being.

6. Palm Trees in the Snow

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An interesting film adaptation of the homonymous novel by Luz Gabás. Set in Guinea colonized by the Spanish, it narrates the forbidden love story between Kilian (Spanish) and Bisila (a Bubi woman). This movie tells us about relationships that do not understand impediments, no matter how many barriers are placed on love, it will develop in whatever terms are necessary.

7. Sweet Novembermovies for women

Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves star in what is undoubtedly one of the titles on the list that will touch our hearts the most.

Nelson is a man obsessed with work who is surprised by Sara and her inexhaustible will to live. The two start a very enriching relationship, but with a sad ending that will teach them the importance of taking advantage of every moment that has been given to us. Sara has a terminal cancer that conditions her romantic relationships, but his brave way of understanding life completely transform the men who cross his path.

Have you already seen any? What other can you recommend us? Write it in the comments!

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The 7 best films to connect with being a woman – Conscious Love and Sexuality | Sexurer

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