The 5 mistakes you make when relating to yourself and other women –

What I am going to tell you in this post, surely you will not be indifferent.

During the last years we have listened for a long time to women in women’s circles, as well as in Sexurero workshops and talks, and the multiple activities we carry out to educate in conscious sexuality and impart female empowerment.

In addition to this, we have observed the main challenges when relating to other women and those reasons common to many that lead them not to fully enjoy being a woman.

And boy do we women need to talk and solve this.

Surely, what you will read below has affected you at some point in your life, and if not, at least some of your friends have asked you for advice to deal with it.

We’ve all been through this And if you are a man and you are reading this article, surely you have met a woman who has experienced any of these situations and you will want to share this POST at the end.

The first step to take to start the transformation is to identify the situation and admit that we must work on it, and today we will focus on that.

Let’s see if you identify with any of the following reasons or know someone who has lived it:

1. Not loving yourself

I thought I loved myself enough, I took care of my body, I liked to seduce. I had received affirmative statements and support from my father and mother. At the age of 22 I began to investigate the unconscious, beliefs, what I learned in childhood, my darkness and fears.

I found a lot to clean, layers to heal…. A lonely girl emerged. For this reason, my adult mask was that of the woman who loved herself. But it was not like that, I was looking for the love of others, to reaffirm myself.

The lack of self-love and self-inquiry is present in each of us. Have you seen yourself clinging to toxic relationships? Looking in others for what you don’t give yourself? Avoiding being with yourself?

How much do you love yourself? How much do you deserve to love yourself?

Healthy relationships with the environment, with yourself and others completely depend on your share of self-love.

And let me tell you something THIS IS TRAINED. It is not something that happens overnight. I have taken years of exploration and experiences to fill my heart.

I see that with the comments we receive from many women in our networks, and especially in the closed group of School of Shaktis on Facebook, where I have been surprised to see the number of women who ask for advice to increase their self-esteem.

Here are some of the comments they have shared with us:

2. Believe in stereotypes

Beauty being a subjective concept that has changed throughout history: we went from round women to slim women on the catwalks.

The stereotypes imposed by the fashion and makeup industry bring beauty role models to the collective unconscious. Encouraging insecurity towards the body itself, and in worse cases eating disorders such as anorexia, obesity, etc.

stereotypes women

We see a global movement for the emancipation of women thanks to philosophies such as feminism, among others. Phrases like: “my hair is mine” “My body is mine” “I love myself as I am” Prowl social networks. Looking for liberation.

Today’s society has made us believe that knowing the body is entering the carousel of consumption and aesthetic care. This impacts the superficial, but not the essence.

Therefore, focusing on loving the body and exploring it is a good way to live fully. Releasing stereotypes and comparison with others.

Leaving the competition aside.

That yes taking care of your body like a temple.

3. Criticize and judge

Surely it has happened to you that what I call “Doña Gertrudis” is activated. A fictional character that I visualize as a wrinkled, dark, bitter woman who criticizes everything she sees.

Judging takes away energy, how many words do you spend talking about what does not work in others? You find yourself making observations of others, and you know that by pointing one finger, you are automatically pointing at yourself with three.

Many times what we see in others and bothers us brings information about what is within ourselves.

Criticism and judgment is a great epidemic among women, it is necessary to open spaces of love and compassion among all, to free ourselves from the burden that pointing to others implies

judge and criticize other women

4. Expect change to come from outside

There are several reasons why you might feel frustrated in your life:

  • You hold others or situations responsible for what is happening to you
  • You feel like a victim of what happens
  • You settle for what happens and you do not make part of the change
  • You wait for others or circumstances to change to feel happy

What is your level of personal responsibility?

I invite you to put on the shirt of “I am responsible for what happens with my life” Being the source means that instead of complaining about what is happening, you can ask yourself two questions: How have I contributed to making this happen? What is this situation teaching me and how can I change or receive it?

For this it is important that you surround yourself with inspiring people, responsible for their life, agents of change.

I am deeply grateful to the women who have been trained in the School of Shaktis and as facilitators, they have sown their seed of transformation in their hearts and have supported other women in the moments when they have needed it most.

5. Don’t trust other women

Being in women’s groups causes me discomfort, in the past women have hurt me, even my ancestors have caused me some injuries.

defrost towards other women

Distrust in other words, speaks of your mistrust in yourself.

It would be worthwhile to start investigating how to heal those wounds to allow yourself to be embraced by the sacredness of feminine energy. Not trusting causes repetitive situations to happen that reaffirm your way of seeing the world.

When you trust the clan, you become a fabric and this makes your walk easier. Going alone on your route, can cause you to feel tired, and lack of clarity

A helping hand or a community of women willing to understand you and in turn make yourself a mirror, will allow you to be much greater than you already are.

You will ask yourself.

And now that?

Now is the time to take action.

Freeing yourself from these errors is possible by CHANGING YOUR ACTIONS.

We will show you how to do it.

I propose a solution. Learn to facilitate women’s circles.

women's circles


How many women in your family or even your close circle make these mistakes mentioned above.

You imagine….

Provide more closely nourishing spaces for the women of the world especially in these moments of crisis and change

Or experience connections with other women that make you feel accompanied

What if I told you that you can contribute to the world, leading women’s circles?

For that we have something that may interest you: the course in which we have gathered all the experience and knowledge of these years, which will lead you to be an excellent facilitator.

In some of the women’s circles and workshops that we have held for years we have noticed the immense need to share challenges and traumas, as well as receive advice.

When women come together, we build fabric and the web of our healing reaches the lives of those around us.

The power of being a woman is a great gift and for that reason, we want to transmit to the world the necessary content so that from the warmth of your home, you go beyond the screen and hug another woman thanks to online circles.

And if you are a woman awake and full of vitality, this information will be useful to take it to others who surely require your medicine.

If you are interested in this content, surely you will be interested in the training of shaktis circle facilitators.

But first, we invite you to have the bases to start leading your own circle of women.


Downloading our Ebook: Basic guide to make your own circle for women.

When are you going to start being part of the change?

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The 5 mistakes you make when relating to yourself and other women –

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