Testimony: My uterus and I – Sexual Therapy

I have been preparing my TFM (final master’s thesis) for a couple of months with volunteers who come to my office once a week. It is a study based on the uterus and its influence on menstrual pain and pleasure. It consists of a direct massage of the cervix and indirect massage through it and the abdomen, the uterus. This technique is the main focus of my TFM and developed to ensure that any woman who wants it can apply it to herself or her partner.

By the way, this technique, already in its final phase, we will apply Ana Lombardia and me in the erotic self-discovery circle that we will teach on June 23rd.

The point is that I believed that in a more subjective, but perhaps effective way, it would also help prepare the uterus to facilitate a pregnancy. Although it is difficult to demonstrate, I looked for volunteers who met certain requirements and I was lucky to find a willing woman. However, the effect of cervical (neck of the uterus) massage has been more profound than expected.

So I leave you his testimony, emotional and beautiful alike.



«” R “kept insisting that we try new things, he had been giving me the rattle for two weeks and the truth is that I saw him so eagerly that I felt like saying no, he was also selling me the motorcycle that it was a” massage ” without further ado, after all, what could happen?

We weren’t going through our prime sexually speaking. After eight years of relationship, sex had become, as Sergio says, the most boring and mechanical a, b, c that one can imagine. The last three years of searching for “the baby” weren’t helping the relationship thrive either.

Routine fatigue, the vicissitudes of life, overwork, etc., were making a dent in the relationship, which was deteriorating a little more and as usual, reluctance, idleness and sexual loss of appetite. We had lost our desire and fucking had become an almost forced obligation to achieve our goal. We get used to leaving aside pleasure, fun, feeling, experiencing, and even love.

I have always felt very sexual, I have liked and I like sex, and this experience, which we did not even know we were going to face, was a before and after, especially in my sexual life and especially as a woman.

From here began the cascade of events that would change everything.

Sergio was our chance. We met Sergio in one of the erotic massage workshops that he teaches in Madrid.

The workshop as its name suggests was “erotic”, but of course to us, that we ended up “naked” in the middle of a room with more people to give ourselves massages for our erogenous parts, it had not even crossed our minds. The theory passed without much problem until we got to the practical part, when they tell us that we have to undress for the massage, there we look at each other as if to say, but do we really have to get naked? In defense of such a situation we take refuge in laughter and part of the time dedicated to massaging ourselves is invested in talking to each other with our eyes describing such a situation.

At the end of the workshop, after the open conversations we had throughout the morning and making evident our desire for a pregnancy without result and what that was supposing us, especially sexually as a couple, Sergio told us that he was going to start a final job Master’s degree in sexology based on the study of the uterus, precisely on the possibility of becoming pregnant through uterine massage, and how this influences both its state, its spasticity, rigidity and mobility. Also in pleasure and menstrual pain, but in principle what really interested us obviously was the door that opened up to the possibility of “getting pregnant” trying something different, the pleasure we had not even considered.

All our attempts at pregnancy had been so far, naturally, she met the requirements to be one more in her study and she invited me to participate. The proposal caught us so by surprise that the truth was something we weren’t quite sure about or rather I speak for myself, I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to be ready to experiment. I had time until the beginning of the study to think about it, and encouraged by the motivation of “R” I finally jumped into the pool.

What the hell am I doing here?

The first meeting with Sergio arrived, I don’t think I will forget this day in my life. I remember there was a time when I said to myself: swallow me earth! Where have I been? If I had been able to hide at that very moment, I would not have doubted it.

The modesty that I felt when I found myself there naked with a stranger whom I had only seen once in my life and not knowing exactly what was going to happen there, made me unable to relax, or concentrate on anything. All that was new to me, I felt insecure at that moment and to somehow shield myself my tactic was to ask and talk, talk and ask.

I felt that he was “poking” inside of me, I did not like the sensation very much, I bled in a different way, like rose (a normal thing in the uterus cleaning as Sergio explained to me), I did not feel any kind of pleasure, indeed, in some moments it hurt. I was uncomfortable and a feeling that I had forgotten came to me, it came back to remind me how powerful you can be about yourself, both mentally and physically.

My little sexual education, prejudices, lack of information and inexperience beyond the everyday made me feel that I was doing something bad, foolish, crazy, it was a situation that I did not know if I was going to be able to control, understand or take advantage of .

Thoughts of guilt kept entering my head, one after the other. My Jiminy Cricket was already there (as nice as ever) asking a thousand and one interrogation questions: What are you doing here? Is this what you’re doing not right? Is it really necessary to go through all this? Will it help? … I suffered a great emotional blackmail easy to recognize, but difficult to control.

After the session I picked up all my shame and guilt and as fast as I could and got out of there without looking back.

That took me half a week to digest. At that time I did not know if I was going to be able to return to the next session to continue therapy.

“If the soul is preoccupied with feeling shame and overcoming it, it cannot feel pleasure.” – Stendhal.

Second session

This time I already knew what I was exposing myself to, I had a week to analyze it and be able to mentalize myself, (at least in theory) Also, “R” kept encouraging me to continue with therapy, it was like our last cartridge to burn before undergo fertility treatments, which we wanted to avoid at all costs. And that I did, I steeled myself and went back to my session.

And there she was, lying back on that stretcher in Sergio’s hands, always so close and reassuring. It took me to relax much more than I thought in my mental preparation, (practice always beats theory). At times, thoughts returned to me, some of them “found.” At that moment I was upset by what he was feeling, I was beginning to like his massage and that for sure was not going to be right … I felt again modesty, modesty for “feeling pleasure”. I had gone from being ashamed of the fact that my private parts were simply touched, to that fact produced in my pleasure. The heat that entered me after finishing made me jump off the stretcher, get dressed quickly and run out again.

It was the first time in my life that I experienced an ejaculation, half suppressed, but an ejaculation after all. Everything my body experienced was brutal, I had never felt such pleasure. Between my perplexity and suffocation, I didn’t really know how to interpret the situation. When I finally got to the car my legs started to shake with nerves.

During the week I had pangs of conscience for such an orgasm, as if I had committed an infidelity. Experiencing such great pleasure (outside of my relationships) had led to a controversy with myself.

These events aroused my curiosity and I wanted to know more about the unknown world that I was entering and I began to inquire about sex in general (more deeply female), female ejaculation “Squirt”, Skene’s glands, female orgasm, arousal, female genitalia… I felt so uneducated about everything I read! As my interest grew and grew, the more I investigated the more I wanted to learn.

I wondered why something so physiological, so human, so natural, so necessary, had been so taboo in our lives. I say ours, because obviously it is a generality, I have never started talking about sex like someone who talks about sports, for example, but with a little more perspective and confidence, the day came when I opened up to Sergio and I was able to speak without fear or shame of what I was experiencing, learning, recognizing … And here, at this point, I understood the steps of the path I had to travel.

“Karma is experience, experience creates memory, memory creates imagination and desire, and desire creates karma again.” – Deepak Chopra.

Get free

After two more sessions, in which little by little I let go of my complexes and my shame began to change.

My lethargic sexuality was waking up, my uterus was beginning to loosen, I also wanted to experience other pleasures and enjoy them. I realized that I had to take off the frame and free myself from taboos, without fear or shame, for this I worked mentally, it was not easy at all to change the concepts that I had established in my mind, but I was willing to truly free myself and flow through the path that made its way for me.

I came to feel an unparalleled pleasure, a very powerful excitement, so much so that I could not and did not want to stop having orgasms, or stop feeling what made me feel so alive. Desire awakened in me, I traveled to my imagination and walked towards karma, feeling an inexplicable peace.

I freed my mind leaving it free (without efforts, it just happened, I disconnected from the world and found myself, this feeling could not describe it exactly, it was something very strong).

After eight sessions (two months) of therapy I can say that I have gotten to know myself much more sexually and better internally, the confidence and tranquility that Sergio has given me has made the journey possible.

“We are not responsible for emotions, but for what we do with emotions.” – Jorge Bucay.

The awakening of energies. Path to consciousness.

We are programmed from birth, socially and individually. They have established certain behaviors in us that we must value as “correct” or “incorrect” and act accordingly to live without remorse.

When you first glimpse your own consciousness, you perceive it the first time, without hesitation.

It is then when, without effort, the invasive and incessant thoughts disappear to meet you in the “now”, having the present, without prejudice, without modesty, without roles, without egos, feeling your own presence.

The changes are born from the depths of our being and when we change, we change the world around us, but we have to work on it and that is what is really difficult to achieve in order to continue growing.

I am at the starting point of a long way to go, but I can already see the benefits of the first steps.

“Nobody has the power to take two steps at the same time; You can only take one step at a time ”. – Osho.

We set so many goals and objectives in life that we forget what is really important. Having wishes can help you change your life, but changing your life is the best way to achieve your wishes. “

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Testimony: My uterus and I – Sexual Therapy

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