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How about you give this couples test a try? Dare to spend a fun time with your favorite person while they are at home. We present a list of questions to strengthen your relationship, we will have everything: awkward, intimate, funny questions and much more. πŸ™ˆ

Join this questionnaire, call that special person for you right now and find out how well they know each other. Shall we start? Well, we wish you luck, good luck!

Let’s warm up engines with the first part of the couples test πŸ₯°

Let’s break the ice! It’s time to have a great time. Next, they will have to answer these concerns at the same time and quickly, you don’t have to think about it too much… Go!

Who is most likely to…

  • I forgot where I left something
  • cry for anything
  • Who is most likely to trip πŸ˜…
  • make a sarcastic comment
  • buy something you don’t need
  • Avoid having sex
  • kiss at any time
  • Dress smart for no reason
  • spend hours on social media
  • see novels
  • Eat pizza any day πŸ•
  • I was late for an appointment
  • Remember an important date
  • make more mess
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Basics! Couples test level 1

As we say in Colombia, here “we gave papaya” because the list that follows contains the doubts that are resolved in the first appointments. Answer these questions at the same time with your partner and thinking about that person (not you).

Favorite color?

Favorite book? πŸ“š

Favorite music genre?

Favorite TV show?

Favorite fruit? πŸ‘

Early or late at night?

When is the anniversary? πŸ“…

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Camilo and Evaluna level couples test πŸ’˜

Β‘Love is in the air! (Love is in the air) For that feeling to continue to grow and remain tattooed in the soul, hearts must be opened. These are very deep questions and must be answered honestly, in this case, there is no rush.

Camilo and Evaluna #tutu
Taken from tumblr.com

πŸ”— What is your favorite childhood memory?

Name one of the most embarrassing moments of your life.

What do you like most about our relationship? πŸ‘πŸ½

What are the qualities you most admire about yourself?

What do you admire most about me?

When was the last time you cried and why was it? 😭

What would a perfect day be like for you?

Name three things we have in common

What do you feel most grateful for in life?

What was the most romantic moment we’ve ever had? ❀️

πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ Very good! Now let’s go back to the short answers and simultaneously, you know, they have to answer at the same time.

Answer quickly!

Did you enjoy the moment with your favorite person? We hope so and that they have only found reasons to love each other more and more. Remember to analyze each of the answers to better understand what type of person you are and what your relationship with your partner is like.

Oh, and don’t forget that when it comes to your relationship, on the blog of doctor here We think about you. πŸ’š

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Test of couples that tell you how well they know

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Test of couples that tell you how well they know each other | doctor here

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