Teenage pregnancies: a challenge

In our country, teenage pregnancy is a great challenge with serious emotional, social and behavioral implications. promiscuity sexual. The growing deterioration of the family structure, the non-existent or deficient sex education in the schools. The pornography and the alienating messages that are reaching our boys and girls and an authority that looks the other way, paint us a picture so sad and disconcerting that it forces us as a people to empower ourselves and take action.

“The available official data indicates that 22% of girls between the ages of 12 and 19 have been pregnant at some time. This is striking in a country that, like the Dominican Republic, has experienced significant advances in economic growth and improvements in many of its social indicators” (UNDP, Teenage pregnancy: a multidimensional challenge… December, 2017).

The 4% of GDP that is being given to the Ministry of Education is so much money that the population expects a better quality of school breakfast and lunch, the improvement and hiring of more quality teachers, and an adequate and permanent sex education of the poorest and most vulnerable girls and adolescents. Actions that are yet to be seen.

A good one sex education in schools, it will compensate for what many of our homes cannot give for reasons that we know and will prevent early pregnancy, a condition that predisposes to sexually transmitted diseases and dropout from classrooms and studies. Fundamental cause of the underdevelopment that still surrounds us, not only economically, but also in the knowledge of our duties and rights.

We must teach our boys and girls to delay as much as possible the start of sexual relations for a later time, which is a worthwhile effort. And if it is not possible for whatever reason, that they are trained to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and that they know the safest methods to avoid pregnancy.

It is necessary to educate in sexuality and in all orders, and the authority is obliged to play its role. Because if we continue in this disorder, seeing, hearing and doing everything that we are allowed to see, hear and do, the future that we are building for our children and grandchildren will be nothing more or less than a giant with feet of clay.

Neonatologist pediatrician. Pediatrician emeritus and past president of the Dominican Society of Pediatrics.

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Teenage pregnancies: a challenge