We start the summer with a series of stories about sexuality and love aimed at the smallest people: stories for ages between 0 and 5 years, although they can also be for older people.

We also enclose books that help prevent sexual abuse in minors. We remind you that there is no “perfect” book, the one that will collect all your ideas and ways of understanding love and sexuality, but from all the readings we do, we can rescue things and those that we do not like how they are explained in the story. , invent them and tell them in our own way, the only guideline must be to always tell them the truth, adapting it to the maturational capacity of the creature. Enjoy the family readings.

Recommended bibliography Love and Sexuality from 0 to 5 years old.

The monster of colors. Anna Llenas.

Editorial Flamboyant, 2012.

The Monster of Colors does not know what is wrong with him. He has made a mess with his emotions and now it’s time to undo the mess. Will you be able to put joy, sadness, anger, fear and calm in order?

discovering-the-body. sexducationDiscovering the body, sowing words. Montse Catalán and Aina Sallés.

Editorial Poland, 2018.

With the same naturalness with which Every day creatures discover new details in the world and learn to name them, in this story we discover the body and put words to it. As adults, we accompany the discovery when we explain that each thing has its name and that there is a name for each thing.

don't tell him stories. sexducationDon’t tell him stories. Carlos de la Cruz and Mario de la Cruz.

CEAPA Editions, 2011.

The story offers us a tool to be able to talk about sexuality and reproduction. Through illustrations and questions, the family can talk and discover answers. The final part provides a series of basic concepts, clues and tips to address these issues in a way that the information is understandable.

I have an aunt who is not a nun. sexducationI have an aunt who is not a nun. Melisssa Cardoza and Margarita Sada.

Editorial PATLATONALLI, 2004.

At the age of eight, the girl Meli discovers that her aunt is not married, has no sons or daughters and is not a nun …

1638964135 59 TALES ABOUT LOVE AND SEXUALITY FOR YOUNG PEOPLE FROM 0The great book of families. Mary Hoffman y Ros Asquith.

Editorial Intermón Oxfam.

Families can come in many shapes and sizes, and this book takes a look at all of them by looking at their homes, vacations, school and pets, feelings and family trees… and much more.

niñas y niños. cada una cada uno diferenteGirls and boys. Each one, each one different. Aingeru Mayor and Susana Monteagudo.

Editorial Litera.

In the world there are many girls and many boys. Thousands of millions. And no two are the same. Each one, each one, is a girl or a boy in their own way.

Bibliography for the prevention of sexual abuse

not a kiss forcibly. sexducationNot a kiss forcibly. Marion Mebes and Lydia Sandrock.

Editorial Maite Canal, 2002 A clear and simple book aimed at minors, and that can be used by mothers, fathers, educators, teachers and other adults who are looking for a direct way to approach with girls and boys the difficult issue of Contact unwanted physical, insisting on the possibility of saying NO

not a caress by force. sexducationNot a caress by force. Marion Mebes and Lydia Sandrock.

Editorial Maite Canal, 2009.

We find a second part of the book Not a kiss forcibly in which to address unwanted physical contact in a simple and clear way.

kiko and the hand.sexducationKiko and the hand. Council of Europe.

Editorial Council of Europe, 2011.

This story explains the “Kiko’s Rule”, a simple guide for parents and educators who want to help children avoid inappropriate physical contact, to know how to react in case a situation makes them uncomfortable and to whom go to ask for help.


Editorial Hazelden Educ Material, 1993.

It is a simple book with a profound message for children who have suffered sexual abuse: “The abuse was not his fault”. Written and illustrated by Jessie, a pre-adolescent who was sexually abused, it tells girls and boys what they must do to get the help they need.

Estela screams very loud. sexducationEstela, scream very loud !. Isabel Olid y Martina Vanda.

Editorial FINEO and the RANA Association, 2008.

The protagonist of the story, Estela, has to face several situations that she does not like; one of them is sexual abuse. The important thing is to analyze how Estela learns to ask for help and to say no to what she dislikes.

educational-guide-to-help-minors-who-have-suffered-abuse. sexducationCreéme / Páralo. Women Foundation.

Editorial Institute for Women, 2003.

This educational material analyzes the impact of sexual abuse on the minors who suffer it and on their families and proposes ways of acting so that parents, caregivers and caregivers can give them support. It is appropriate for a wide audience and is a useful tool for training professionals who work with minors, teachers, mothers and fathers.

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