Suspect of raping a girl arrested in Quito, Ecuador

Ecuadorian authorities reported this Tuesday that the suspect of having raped a girl on a school bus when he was working as a driver was arrested; event that occurred last April 21 in Quito, the capital of the country.


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Official sources stated that the rapist was found in Lago Agrio (Sucumbíos), in a jungle area, and stressed that the intention was to cross into Colombia and for this he changed his hair color and his physiognomy so as not to be identified.

The sexual aggressor has been identified as Darwin Kléber J. L and was reported by the Dillon College student who was assaulted and raped, who reported that the aggressor gave her a drink to drug her.

The Minister of Education, María Brown, declared that “the path to eradicate violence is a path that public institutions and society must still travel”, in a fact that reveals “that the work as a society to eradicate all forms of violence it is urgent”.

Similarly, Brown stressed that “we must denaturalize violence in all settings. Reject even the smallest violent acts of machismo and abuse, which are often perpetrated in our families. We must denounce the violence, reject it and place it in the public debate”.

Feminist organizations and various Ecuadorian populations have denounced the sexual violations against women, and have also shown indignation with the rape of the Dillon school student.

According to the Aampetra report on abuse of minors in educational centers in Ecuador, between 2014 and 2017, 882 complaints were registered in the Ministry of Education for alleged sexual crimes against children and adolescents in the educational field.

For its part, the feminist platform Surkuna, based on a study on girls and women who have agreed to an abortion in case of rape, specified that 96.4 percent of the aggressors were known by the victims, data that ratifies a similarity with the rapist Darwin Kleber JL

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Suspect of raping a girl arrested in Quito, Ecuador