Survey results and launch of our store

In 4 days we have already received more than sixty responses to our investigation on the needs of caregivers in terms of educational and decorative tools for their practice, and we are really happy with your interest in this project.

Educational anatomical boards: the product most requested by caregivers

The majority of you showed interest in anatomical boards in the form of posters, frames or posters to put directly in your office to serve as an educational support, but also to give an opportunity to your patients or to bring up the subject yourself.

Different types of anatomical boards desired by respondents

You also offered us some very interesting poster ideas:

  • Physiology of the reward mechanism and female and male orgasm
  • Anatomy you be
  • Pathophysiology of muscle reactions in vaginismus.
  • Mechanisms of vaginal lubrication
  • Modification of the vulva during sexual arousal
  • The different types of hymen
  • The diversity of the vulva
  • The diversity of penises
  • Humorous kamasutra
  • Practical breathing and body movement exercises
  • The female and male pelvis with organs and perineum.
  • The phases of the menstrual cycle (with the different hormones).
  • Anatomy of the perineum
  • The difference between the desire (libido) of women and men.
  • etc…

3D models to educate about sexuality

A number of caregivers are also interested in 3D models to explain sexuality.

Different types of 3D models desired by respondents

Canvases and accessories to complete your decoration

Many of you are looking for solutions to decorate your practice, your waiting room or your office by emphasizing your specificity, which is sexual health.

Different types of decoration and accessories desired by respondents

A preference for ecological and reasoned production

The clear majority of you want these products to be designed or printed on demand, which avoids the waste associated with traditional mass production.

Manufacturing method desired by respondents

Imminent opening of our shop!

We have been thinking about launching an online store for some time. We had planned to open it for the Christmas holidays, but your answers convinced us to speed up its implementation.

We are announcing in preview that we will be launching the store tomorrow. And since it coincides with Black Friday, we will have some big surprises to offer you, so watch your emails carefully tomorrow morning :)!

To be kept informed of the opening of the store and receive a voucher of 5 euros on your first order, click on the following link:

Stay informed about sexual health

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Survey results and launch of our store

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