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The Municipality of Valdivia organized this Friday the 6th a working table to deal with complaints of cases of sexual abuse raised by high school students from the regional capital, who this Thursday were involved in several incidents on public roads.

As indicated by the municipality, around 40 spokespersons and representatives of municipal schools participated in the meeting held this morning, an instance that was also attended by the Seremi of Education, Juan Pablo Gerter; the SEREMI for Women and Gender Equity, Francisca Corbalán; the director of the DAEM of Valdivia, Sandra Asecencio and the councilor Cristóbal Rosas, who chairs the Education Commission of the Municipal Council of Valdivia.

At the beginning of the appointment, the mayor Carla Amtmann announced that this Thursday the Department of Municipal Education Administration (DAEM) and the municipality itself had institutional knowledge of complaints about events that would have been presented in two educational establishments in Valdivia.

summaries announced

Given this, the community chief reported that that same day she instructed the initiation of two summary investigations regarding the two officials denounced, and also a third in relation to the director of one of these educational facilities, since he had not dealt with the complaints in a timely manner. in the establishment he runs.

“Next week we are going to have a work table that will consist of updating the coexistence protocols that we have in each of the establishments, to guarantee that when there are complaints, they can also be received and processed in the corresponding manner” Amtmann says.

She also adds that this instance will be a participatory process “that we are going to start with the students, with the support of the SEREMI for Education and the SEREMI for Women, and also by our teams in the area of ​​education,” adds the community chief.

In his turn, the Education Seremi of Los Ríos, Juan Pablo Gerter, along with assessing the dialogue instance, said that his interest as a Seremi is focused on collaborating in the process.

“We will collaborate so that the potential training that is carried out allows management teams and teachers to have a coexistence with a gender perspective and that means that when there are cases of abuse, the protocols are activated, that they are given the relevance that corresponds and, successively, to this, that it be sanctioned ”, points out Gerter.

Martina Rojas, a fourth-year student at the Liceo Santa María la Blanca, says she is satisfied with the outcome of the meeting and appreciates that the authorities were present as soon as the conflict began.

“We felt that the responses were very quick given the context we were in yesterday. The march came out of nowhere, so they were immediate responses, which was what those of us who were focused on the march were really asking for, ”he indicates.

Along these lines, the fourth-year student of the same establishment, Benjamín Larenas, regarding the existing complaints, points out that “we understand that those affected are mainly women, but we take this issue from a slightly more advanced perspective.”

“We believe that gender does not define your identity, so we only see people being abused in their integrity and as a community we wanted to make it visible,” he closes.

Demonstrations continue

Despite the fact that the agreement between students and authorities prevailed, during this Friday there have been isolated incidents in the center of Valdivia, such as a barricade in front of the Presidential Delegation and disorders around the square.

It was reported, in the first instance, that four young people were detained for incidents.

All situations that have been attended by Carabineros.

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Summaries announced after allegations of sexual abuse in high schools in Valdivia – Diario Paillaco