Summaries and work table confirmed after complaints of harassment and sexual abuse in high schools in Valdivia

Administrative summaries and the formation of a work table are the measures that will be taken to deal with complaints of sexual assault in different high schools in Valdivia. According to the authorities, school communities will also be trained in gender and human rights.

A meeting between representatives of the people mobilized and affected by the events, together with the Municipality of Valdivia and the Regional Ministerial Secretariats of Education and Women and Gender Equity, was held this morning, after yesterday’s demonstrations and today in the regional capital.

Regarding the instance, Martina Rojas, a student at the Liceo Santa María La Blanca, said that “We feel that the responses were very quick, due to the context in which we were yesterday (…) it was what we were asking for”, adding that “we will come to our high school, to see what they think about everything that was discussed”.

For her part, the mayor of Valdivia, Carla Amtmann, confirmed that “We have already started the summary investigations, with extreme not only urgency and speedbut also with the rapid search for concrete measures (…) Above all, our main commitment and interest is to start a joint work process that we have agreed, that next week It will have a work table and it will consist of updating the coexistence protocols that we have in the establishmentsto guarantee that when there are complaints, they can be received in the corresponding manner”.

The community chief specified that “there are two types of accusations, one between peers, for both students who accuse other students of situations of harassment or sexual abuse and, in addition, accusations against adults who are hired by our establishments in some responsibility, since be management teams, technicians and teaching staff. In relation to these last cases, it is these two that we have become aware of yesterday and have proceeded with a summary investigation”, confirming that these are cases in the Liceo Santa María La Blanca and Armando Robles.

From the SEREMI of Education in Los Ríos, its head Juan Pablo Gerter assured that “we promised to approach, from a preventive and formative perspective, a curricular work to a non-sexist education. That it means addressing with all the members of the educational spaces and teams, certain gender perspectives that do not exist today”.

Gerter also pointed out that “many times, I would say for a generational issue, It is not possible to understand when something is reported or how serious it is for the students. In this sense, what we want to do and collaborate with is that any training that is carried out allows for coexistence within the school, with a gender perspective”, adding that “we propose an education with a human rights perspective. It is within the curriculum, it is within the programs, but we need to work on it and understand that democratic and respectful coexistence involves handling certain concepts linked to human rights.”

Faced with this, the SEREMI for Women and Gender Equity, Francisca Corvalán, pointed out that “we were able to realize that, in the establishments, It is still not clear to students that these protocols exist, that there must be a trusted person to whom they can reveal the story and that it be unique, and that there must be protection measuresso as not to share spaces with the person who is being accused”.

According to the mayor of Valdivia, the two officials under investigation are not attending the establishments, not ruling out transitory measures while the investigation is carried out, risking, in the same way, their disassociation. Also, he said that all complaints against other students – prior to updating the protocols – will be channeled through the Department of Municipal Education Administration (DAEM).

Regarding the deadlines, the government authorities advanced that from next week meetings will be held to review and update the respective protocolsa procedure that precedes the planning of training for school communities.

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Summaries and work table confirmed after complaints of harassment and sexual abuse in high schools in Valdivia