Suchard, the Christmas chocolate that we only offer you if we want to fuck you?

Don’t thank me, I just wanted to warn you and save your Christmas break, in case your blended family offers you opportunities to flirt during the end of the year celebrations. Suchard does indeed targeted advertising that…. could interfere with you without your knowing it.

For their Christmas advertising campaigns, some want to address the greatest number of people, others place themselves on a niche market, like Suchard on the narrow niche of men who would like to get a shot. They were already used to fun-oriented ads, here’s an example:

Suchard has therefore been trying for a long time to associate chocolate and pleasure. Their idea is rather simple and repetitive: to forget the “convenience” side and to pass off this chocolate as sexual, sensual, transgressive…. In other words, modern.

Yes but here it is, the 4 texts are these:

  • “A chocolate not just made to thank you for taking out pépette”
  • “Chocolate that isn’t just for those you only see at Christmas”
  • “The chocolate you give to your pretty neighbor rather than your sister-in-law”
  • “A chocolate that is not reserved for old aunts with itchy chins”.

Certainly my study is not scientific and I would like to have your opinion, but a micro survey in my environment generated the following reactions: overall men found it funny and successful, but women (I tend to dating feminists) found it super sexist and even insulting.

For them, the four sentences are re-interpreted in the following way:

  • “A chocolate to thank you for having sucked”
  • “Chocolate for those who are not only fucked at Christmas”
  • “The chocolate that we offer to a girl that we can fuck otherwise it is useless”
  • “A chocolate that is useless to offer to a girl with whom you cannot sleep”.

However, my friends aren’t exactly anti-sex, so what’s the problem?

“All the clichés are there, gets annoyed by Cécile (first name changed), the girl has her mouth half-open, an air of a puff; except it’s not glamorous, romantic, sensual, erotic, or funny. It really does advertise made for men. »

If we go sentence by sentence, Justine’s reactions are as follows: “I suck for free or if I charged, it would be more expensive than a box of chocolate”, “I don’t see why the girls we fuck wouldn’t have chocolate at Christmas”, “it’s not nice to refuse to offer chocolate to your sister or aunt”.

Justine, a big chocolate lover, insists “you should write an article to warn men that if they want to flirt, it would be better for them to avoid this chocolate… if other girls have seen the ad they might take it badly; finally I will take it like a heavy dredge”.

Contrary opinions?

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Suchard, the Christmas chocolate that we only offer you if we want to fuck you?

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