Students take to the streets of Peru against educational reforms

This content was published on May 14, 2022 – 02:11

Lima, May 13 (EFE) .- Thousands of students took to the streets of various cities in Peru this Friday to protest against the University Reform and Bill 904, which gives power to parent associations in school content, two projects that have generated opposition from educational groups.

“I am marching because the changes that are taking place cannot be stopped and we cannot go back. We cannot allow poor quality universities to be created again that defraud people who are studying there to earn a few soles,” he told Efe. Kevin Prado, 27-year-old international business and management student, at the Lima protest.

The Peruvian Congress approved on May 5 a university reform that gives less power to the National Superintendence of Higher University Education (Sunedu), a technical body that oversees the management of these educational institutions.

“We have been improving our education at an international level compared to the past, but if this reform goes ahead, education will go backwards, businessmen and facade universities without quality studies will return,” Prado added.

In addition to Lima, Arequipa, Huancayo, Loreto, Cusco or Madre de Dios also brought together students and protesters in demonstrations that took place peacefully.

Dozens of education unions and defenders of social rights came together to protest against this reform and the approval of Bill 904, which gives power to parent associations in school content, which opens the door for educational content sexual or with a gender perspective disappear from the classroom.

“I am an evangelical Christian and that, based on certain beliefs and dogmas, state reforms are carried out is incorrect,” Isabel Jiménez, 33, with a school-age daughter, told Efe.

In his opinion, “the gender approach is not what the most conservative groups say,” which allege “that it is an ideology that comes to homosexualize children or show them pornography.”

“That is a falsehood,” he stressed.

Jiménez referred in the Plaza San Martín de Lima to the party that promoted this bill, Renovación Popular, which he accuses of imposing its religious beliefs and wanting to “indoctrinate.”

He stressed that parents should be guided by the specialists who are the teachers and not the other way around.

“License to educate not to cheat”, “the reform is not for sale, the reform is defended”, “Peru without taboos” and proclamations in favor of sexual education were some of the slogans heard and that could be read on banners.

The protests were also prompted by the election of members of the Constitutional Court on Tuesday in a parliamentary vote that took place under unusual and partly secret circumstances.

“We believe that this election process has not been transparent and has not allowed citizens to learn about the debate or the motivation of the congressmen to be able to elect each of these tribunes,” the executive secretary of the National Human Rights Coordinator told Efe. , Jennie Giver.

All these approvals and facts have provoked a predominant opinion in many streets of Peru during Friday afternoon, the request for the closure of Congress. EFE



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Students take to the streets of Peru against educational reforms