Spanish women only satisfy 61% of their sexual desire

The sexual desire It has a very important function, it encourages us to be more intimate with others and promotes two basic aspects of life: the search for satisfaction, communication, physical contact, intimacy, affection, love, tenderness and pleasure. However, not all people meet this need.

Panorama of Spanish women in the sexual field

According to the research “Evolution of the sexuality of Spanish women”, carried out by the extramarital affairs platform Gleeden, the female population only satisfies 61% of their sexual desires. The survey was carried out in February last year and more than 2,200 women participated.

The study was proposed by Laia Cadens, a clinical psychologist specialized in sexology, to understand the visions and experiences of female sexual behavior and its comparison with previous generations.

From the results of the survey it can be concluded that the spanish women they are not very satisfied sexually. And is that have an average of 6 sexual intercourse a month, but because they experience about 9.7 sexual desires, they only cover 61% of their sexual desires.

Regarding alternative sexual activities to intercourse, the most frequent is oral sex, performed by 92% of them, accompanied by masturbation (91%).

A conservative view of the sexual experience

The least frequent practices are swinging (equitable exchange with other couples) and the sexual trio. “The Spanish woman is in process and in progress, but she is still situated on a somewhat conservative level of sexual experience. It seems that they want to, but they still need to get close to the execution they would like”, says Laia Cadens.

For those people who do not agree with these experiences, the specialist highlights the importance of look for alternatives to return passion and avoid monotony in intimacy. Sex toys occupy an important space in these practices. Not in vain, they have become the faithful bedfellows of men, women and couples who seek maximum fun and security and protection.

The big brands in the market have seen how the normalization of erotic games has caused their billing to skyrocket. In 2019, the production value of the sex entertainment industry was approximately €145 billion. During the lockdown period, the Spanish market of sex toys for couples grew by 200%.

Sexual awareness from the age of 50

The women aged 51 to 60 are more sexually active than 30-year-olds. At this age, they have a more definite sexual awareness. This recognition has allowed them to increase their personal security to distinguish the sexual practices that motivate them. In fact, they have a higher level of arousal than Spanish women who are between 31 and 40 years old.

According to Cadens, “it is the stage in which they consolidate professionally, they are mothers and they have many responsibilities, which means that priorities are relocated”.

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Spanish women only satisfy 61% of their sexual desire

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